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They clubbed me senseless and dragged me back to their camp, thrusting me into a woven cage full of prisoners. They've been dragging us out, one by one, to their sacrifice pits. The screams of the victims fill the air and the scent... my mouth waters and I hate myself. I've seen the bloody sacrifices that Set requires and the corpulent orgies of Derketo, but these brutes with filed teeth and blood running from their chins... I don't like this darkness. It makes my skin crawl. Some of the other prisoners here are from further north. one of them claims to be a Stygian bounty hunter who came here chasing treasure. [...] There's a loose branch in the weaving of this cage. My Stygian friend and I are working it slowly loose and then we will vanish into the night.

- Razma of Shem


The Darfari cannibals are vicious cannibalistic worshipers of the outer god Yog, which is essentially a demon. They capture humans, ritually sacrifice them to their tentacled god, then feast on the remaining flesh. They are primitives with their camps consisting of tents, spikes, bonfires and red banners made out of human skin. Scouting Mission Notes detail some of their vile operations.


  • They can be found at the edges of the starting river, in the southern parts of the desert, stretching all the way from the Unnamed City to the jungle.
  • Like most Darfari, they are dark-skinned. According to lore, they sharpen their teeth to points. The rarely wear more than loincloths and wear ritual masks.
  • The Darfari Cannibals are the second weakest of all Factions. They are better equipped than the Exiles and are not as scattered as they are. However, they are not as powerful as the iron weapons of the Black Hand.
  • Darfari enemy NPCs, including Cannibal Brute and Ritualist generally have 195 HP with a few exceptions. Those include most named NPCs such as Una the Venerated; but also Thugra and B’naru Heavyhands - they have a HP pool of 255.


Darfari cannibal thralls have low training difficulty.

They start with the following HP:

Tier Fighters Archers Performers
1 390 390 390
2 429 429 429
3 468 468 468
4 663 663 663

Darfari cannibals are among the lowest HP combat thralls a player can acquire.

They specialize in Grit. Their base stats are as follows:

Tier Strength Agility Vitality Grit
1 0 0 0 2
2 0 0 0 3
3 0 0 0 7
4 0 0 0 15


  • Darfari camps usually have a number of archers, which makes utilising shields and cover very useful.
  • Darfari usually have little armor, so armor penetration plays less of a role than sheer burst damage does. Particularly area damage like Two Handed Swords or One Handed Axes works well against the tightly clustered, bigger groups. Spears are amazing against the archers and low armor of Darfari.
  • Due to their low hp pool, bleeding and poison is less effective than against higher tier factions, simply due to the fact that Darfari die fast early on.
  • Armor is particularly effective against the low-damage-per-hit weapons this faction usually uses. This is amplified by the usually high number of enemies per camp/group and the large number of archers.




Notable NPCs[]

Alchemist Darfari Witch Doctor Haruk Blackened-Teeth
Archer Sorschut Eyegouger
Armorer B’naru Heavyhands Moku the Smelly Too-Many-Teeth Uma, Master Armorer
Blacksmith Volera the Sharpener Ibrin Metal-hater Arnak the Smith
Carpenter Hakka Sixfingers Eda Arrow-Tooth Agn Clatter-teeth Hennek the Sharp
Cook Ch'epi, Eater of Man-Flesh Maru the Cannibal V'anarr Feasts-On-Fingers
Fighter Cannibal Brute Ritualist Thugra
Priest Yog's Chosen
Smelter /
Sorcerer Gruth Dead-Eater
Tanner Fakad Hide-Stretcher
Taskmaster Barsk the Slaver Arsk, son of Barsk Aktua Lypreti the Taskmaster

The Purge only[]

Alchemist Alzit of the Foul Smell Examiner B'nor
Archer Grennel the Piercing Storm Gwhasar Straight-Arrow
Armorer Mar the Maker Sneer-lips
Blacksmith Rakh Irontooth Tull Coppertongue
Carpenter Chewin the Hammer Gula of Zamboula
Cook Dv'ai Maggot-Eater Gizzard-Gnasher
Fighter Aoda Maneater
Priest Akon the Bloodletter
Jhebbal Sag
Una the Venerated
Jhebbal Sag
D'aar the Touched
Sensha God-touched
Smelter N'put Forgebound1 Parkel Torched-Bottom1
Tanner Master Tanner Ghazin1
Taskmaster Serak the Headhunter1 Th'aat of Gazal1

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Common Loot[]

Signature Weapons[]

Signature Armor[]

Icon bone shield-1
Bone Shield