Curved Blade of the Legion
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Curved Blade of the Legion
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An ancient weapon
Type Weapon
Grade High
Weapon Type TwoHanded Sword
Base Damage Information.png 36
Base Armor Penetration Information.png 13.38%
Base Durability Information.png 1324
Base Weight Information.png 4.97
Effects Cripple
DLC Isle of Siptah
ID 24077


In an instant he was the center of a hurricane of stabbing spears and lashing clubs. But he moved in a blinding blur of steel. Spears bent on his armor or swished empty air, and his sword sang its death-song.
~ Queen of the Black Coast

This curved sword is ancient in design and may well be the precursor to the designs found in Yamatai.


Repairing Curved Blade of the Legion requires up to:

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