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Cultist of Dagon
Cultist of Dagon
ID: DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human
Map Exiled Lands
HP 600
Biomes Jungle
Location The Sunken City


These loyal Gatekeepers attack any intruder of The Sunken City and hack them to pieces upon sight.
Previously inhabitants of Atlantis, these descendents of the proud people of Lemuria are now tasked with maintaining the temple of Dagon and partake in the rituals necessary.


They are of medium strength. Their damage, armor and health all reflect that, with the latter being slightly above average. They are clad in Lemurian Warrior Armor.

  • Cultist of Dagon has multiple IDs.
    • DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human_trash1
    • DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human_trash2
    • DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human_trash3
    • DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human_trash4
    • DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human1
    • DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human2
    • DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human3
    • DungeonDagon_Wildlife_DeepOne_Human4