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Cruaidh the Crusher is a named, Tier 4 Fighter NPC of the Black Hand Faction.


He shares his spawns with Braggi the Bold, but it is possible to find both at the same location


Cruaidh the Crusher can be found at the following locations:


Notable Loot[]


Harvestable Loot

Limited Harvestable Loot

Full Loot List

  • Icon aloe extract Aloe Extract
  • Icon aloe soup Aloe Soup
  • Icon repair kit hide Armor Repair Kit
  • Icon Hide Bat Bat Skin
  • Icon Flag Standing BlackHand Black Hand Banner
  • Icon black hand earRings Black Hand Earrings
  • Icon scrawled note Black Hand Shanty
  • Icon black hand tent 4 Black Hand Tent - Gaff Rig
  • Icon black hand tent 3 Black Hand Tent - Lateen
  • Icon black hand tent 2 Black Hand Tent - Mainsail
  • Icon black hand tent 1 Black Hand Tent - Scallop
  • Icon blood-sausage Blood Sausage
  • Icon bone broth Bone Broth
  • Icon bug kabob Bug Kabob
  • Icon salted feral meat Bush Jerky
  • Icon century egg Century Egg
  • Icon desert chili Chili Desert Style
  • Icon chitin Chitin
  • Icon cooked egg Cooked Eggs
  • Icon cookedGoodFish Cooked Exotic Fish
  • Icon cookedGoodShellFish Cooked Exotic Shellfish
  • Icon cookedBadFish Cooked Fish
  • Icon cooked oyster Cooked Oyster
  • Icon cooked fatty meat Cooked Pork Rinds
  • Icon delicious meat strips Cooked Pork Strips
  • Icon cookedFish Cooked Savory Fish
  • Icon cookedShellFish Cooked Savory Shellfish
  • Icon cookedBadShellFish Cooked Shellfish
  • Icon darfari bug soup Darfari Bug Soup
  • Icon egg surprise Egg Surprise
  • Icon improved gruel Enhanced Gruel
  • Icon scrawled note Etched Note
  • Icon savory meat stew Exquisite Stew
  • Icon Hide Panther Feline Pelt
  • Icon scrawled note First Mate's Report
  • Icon meat strips Fish Strips
  • Icon flavored gruel Flavored Gruel
  • Icon fur Fur
  • Icon gold coin Gold Coin
  • Icon trophy gray ape Gorilla Trophy
  • Icon healing wraps Healing Wraps
  • Icon exotic meat stew Hearty Stew
  • Icon heavy coin purse Heavy Coin Purse
  • Icon salted exotic meat Honey Jerky
  • Icon bread Honeybread
  • Icon improved gruel Honeyed Gruel
  • Icon meat strips Meat Strips
  • Icon mixed meat mushup Meaty Mashup
  • Icon meat strip mix Mixed Meat Scraps
  • Icon mushroom stew Mushroom Stew
  • Icon treasure navigationalchart Navigation Chart
  • Icon oyster omelette Oyster Omelette
  • Icon treasure gemstone 1 Rare Gemstone (Variant A)
  • Icon treasure gemstone 2 Rare Gemstone (Variant B)
  • Icon treasure gemstone 3 Rare Gemstone (Variant C)
  • Icon treasure gemstone 4 Rare Gemstone (Variant D)
  • Icon rhino head soup Rhino Head Soup
  • Icon roasted hunk-o-meat Roasted Haunch
  • Icon cooked mushroom Roasted Mushrooms
  • Icon healing basicwraps Rough Wraps
  • Icon scrawled note Salaceo's Instructions
  • Icon trophy spit lizard Salamander Trophy
  • Icon salted savory meat Savory Jerky
  • Icon seed soup Seed Soup
  • Icon trophy junglebird gray Shoebill Trophy (Variant B)
  • Icon trophy junglebird pink Shoebill Trophy (Variant C)
  • Icon silver coin Silver Coin
  • Icon soup Soup
  • Icon spiced feral meat Spiced and Shredded Roast
  • Icon spiced egg Spiced Egg
  • Icon spiced exotic meat Spiced Haunch
  • Icon spiced oyster Spiced Oysters
  • Icon spiced slivers Spiced Slivers
  • Icon spiced soup Spiced Soup
  • Icon spiced savory meat Spiced Steak
  • Icon driedFish Spicy Dried Fish Combo
  • Icon Stuffed Salamander Taxidermied Salamander
  • Icon Stuffed Shoebill Taxidermied Shoebill
  • Icon Stuffed Tiger Taxidermied Tiger
  • Icon trophy tiger Tiger Trophy
  • Icon salted exotic meat Trail Jerky
  • Icon tusks Tusks
  • Icon Warpaint Blackhand Warpaint - Black Hand
  • Icon aloe extract weak Weak Aloe Extract
  • Icon whetstone iron bar Weapon Repair Kit
  • Icon yellow lotus soup Yellow Lotus Soup

  • Equipment[]

    The standard equipment of the NPC can also drop as loot: