Coup de Grace
Icon truncheon steel.png
Coup de Grace
An implement for battering people's skulls in
Type Tool
Grade Legendary
Weapon Type OneHanded Mace
Base Damage Information.png 1
Light Concussive Damage 40
Heavy Concussive Damage 45
Base Durability Information.png 750
Base Weight Information.png 3.50
ID 24118


Using this truncheon on unworthy foes will not simply knock them out but crack their skulls in the process.


  • It can be used to knock out enemies.
  • Instantly kills knocked out thralls if they are not named T4 thralls.


The Coup de Grace is dropped by The Judge (Isle of Siptah).

All Concussive Weapons and Kits

Weapons and Kits
Name Grade Light
Icon truncheon.png  Truncheon Low 15 20 10
Icon blunted javelin.png  Blunted Javelin Low 20 20 21
Icon truncheon iron.png  Iron Truncheon Mid 25 30 30
Icon blunt arrow.png  Blunted Arrow * Low 55 55 35
Icon truncheon steel.png  Steel Truncheon High 35 40 50
Icon truncheon steel.png  Reinforced Steel Truncheon High 40 45 Found
Icon truncheon steel.png  Coup de Grace Legendary 40 45 Found
Icon menagerie mace.png  Voidforge Mace Legendary 49 49 Found
Icon truncheon steel.png  Szeth's Truncheon Legendary 45 50 Found
Icon truncheon steel.png  Heavy-weight Truncheon Legendary 50 55 Found
Icon legendary mace 02.png  Lovetap * Legendary 15 20 Found
Icon legendary sword 04.png  The Predatory Blade * Legendary 35 Found
Icon modkit wpn increaseConcussDamage t1.png  Simple Blunted Weapon Fitting Low +4 +4 26
Icon modkit wpn increaseConcussDamage t2.png  Blunted Weapon Fitting Mid +8 +8 39
Icon modkit wpn increaseConcussDamage t3.png  Advanced Blunted Weapon Fitting High +12 +12 51

* Can be used while mounted.


This item can be repaired with a Epic icon whetstone hardened steel bar.png  Legendary Weapon Repair Kit.


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