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Notable Loot[]

Harvestable Loot

Limited Harvestable Loot

Full Loot List

  • Icon trophy scavenger Aardwolf Trophy
  • Icon repair kit leather Advanced Armor Repair Kit
  • Icon whetstone steel bar Advanced Weapon Repair Kit
  • Icon trophy bison Bison Trophy
  • Icon blackcorsairpirate helm Black Corsair Bandana (Epic Variant A)
  • Icon blackcorsairpirate boots Black Corsair Boots (Epic Variant A)
  • Icon blackcorsairpirate bottom Black Corsair Leggings
  • Icon blackcorsairpirate chest Black Corsair Pauldron
  • Icon warpaint black corsair Black Corsair Warpaint
  • Icon blackcorsairpirate glove Black Corsair Wristguards
  • Icon banner black corsairs banner Black Corsairs Banner
  • Icon cimmerian meal Cimmerian Feast
  • Icon healing potion advanced Concentrated Aloe Extract
  • Icon cooked perfect cut of meat Cooked Exquisite Meat
  • Icon fatty meat feast Cooked Pork Feast
  • Icon demon blood-sausage Demon Blood-Sausage
  • Icon bread Fiery-Hot Bread
  • Icon spiced grub Fiery-Hot Grubs
  • Icon spiced beetroot soup Fiery-Hot Meat Soup
  • Icon spiced sea-fish feast Fiery-Hot Sea-Fish Feast
  • Icon fur Fur
  • Icon gold coin Gold Coin
  • Icon harded steel bow Hardened Steel Bow
  • Icon 2h legendary greataxe 05 Hardened Steel Great Axe
  • Icon hardened steel 2h sword Hardened Steel Greatsword
  • Icon hardened steel warhammer Hardened Steel Hammer
  • Icon hardened steel mace Hardened Steel Mace
  • Icon pvp punching dagger 04 Hardened Steel Punching Daggers
  • Icon hardened steel shield Hardened Steel Shield
  • Icon 1h legendary short sword 05 Hardened Steel Short Sword
  • Icon hardened steel spear Hardened Steel Spear
  • Icon hardened steel 1h sword Hardened Steel Sword
  • Icon hardened steel waraxe Hardened Steel War Axe
  • Icon hearty meal Hearty Feast
  • Icon heavy coin purse Heavy Coin Purse
  • Icon snake egg Honeyed Eggs
  • Icon spiced feral meat Honeyglazed Roast
  • Icon ivory Ivory
  • Icon trophy tiger Jungleclaw Trophy
  • Icon lasting meal Lasting Feast
  • Icon lumpy soup Lumpy Soup
  • Icon trophy lynx Lynx Trophy
  • Icon trophy mastodon Mastodon Trophy
  • Icon bone broth Mystery Meat Soup
  • Icon numbing wraps Numbing Wraps
  • Icon trophy forestbird Pelican Trophy
  • Icon healing potion exceptional Pure Aloe Extract
  • Icon salted perfect cut of meat Salted Exquisite Meat
  • Icon salted fatty meat Salted Pork
  • Icon silver coin Silver Coin
  • Icon spiced perfect cut of meat Spiced Exquisite Meat
  • Icon spiced fowl Spiced Fowl
  • Icon spiced fatty meat Spiced Pork
  • Icon steak and eggs Steak and Eggs
  • Icon cimmerian battleaxe Steel Battle-Axe
  • Icon iron 2h sword Steel Greatsword
  • Icon longsword Steel Longsword
  • Icon steel mace Steel Mace (Variant B)
  • Icon poignard Steel Poniards (Variant B)
  • Icon steel tipped spear Steel Spear (Variant B)
  • Icon steel warhammer Steel Warhammer (Variant B)
  • Icon healing wraps exceptional Stutter Wraps
  • Icon trophystnd scavenger Taxidermied Aardwolf
  • Icon trophystd whitetail Taxidermied Antlered Deer
  • Icon trophystnd deer Taxidermied Deer (Variant B)
  • Icon trophystnd wilddog Taxidermied Dog
  • Icon trophystnd bobcat Taxidermied Island Lynx
  • Icon trophystnd tiger Taxidermied Jungleclaw
  • Icon trophystnd mountainlion Taxidermied Mountain Lion
  • Icon trophystnd forestbird Taxidermied Siptah Pelican
  • Icon trophy turtle Turtle Trophy
  • Icon trophy tuskbeast Tuskbeast Trophy
  • Icon Hide Wolf Wolf Pelt

  • Equipment[]

    The standard equipment of the NPC can also drop as loot: