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Corruption is one of the status effects in Conan Exiles.


Many of the dark places in Conan Exiles are filled with corrupting magic. When you explore deep caves or ancient ruins, any magic which still lingers there slowly corrupts you. When you fight magical creatures, such as demons or undead, their very presence or attacks can inflict corruption.

Corruption reduces player character's maximum Health and Stamina and the more they are exposed to the corruption, the worse it gets. Even though it is dangerous to seek out such dark places, they are often filled with valuable treasures or mystical lore.[1] However, corruption allows to cast certain spells which requires more than an ammount of corruption in form of percentage .

When subject to corrupted areas or attacks by monsters, players will notice a purplish frame around the screen as well as a "Gaining corruption" debuff on the left side of screen.

Once the corruption has been removed, their condition will return to normal.

Types of Corruption[]

There are three types of corruption that are gained and cleansed in different ways.

Normal corruption is the the type most often acquired and has the most methods of cleansing. The maximum amount of this type of corruption a player can obtain is 50% of their maximum Health and Stamina. At this point, corruption will no longer continue to reduce the players' maximum health and stamina.

Permanent corruption is acquired by spending Icon sorcery soulessence Soul Essence while the player is already corrupted to permanently corrupt their attributes. This causes 2.5% corruption per attribute point corrupted up to a maximum of 50% corruption. This type of corruption cannot be removed, except by resetting the attributes with a Icon yellow lotus potion variant 1 Potion of Bestial Memory.

Tainted corruption is acquired by using a Transportory Stone or the Summon Corpse ritual. Tainted corruption can exceed the normal maximum of 50%, going all the way up to a new cap of 99% corruption. Tainted corruption can only be partially cleansed until the Tainted debuff fully wears off. Cleansing by Performers is also reduced in efficiency by a base -40%, with an additional -0.5% per stack of Tainted up to -89.5% at the cap of 99 stacks of Tainted. When Tainted wears off, any corruption above 50% will be instantly removed.

Gaining Corruption[]

  • Players will accumulate corruption at a rate of 1 point per 5 seconds while in corrupted areas.
  • Being struck by corrupted enemies can inflict a small amount of corruption.
  • Drinking Icon corrupting brew Corrupting Brew adds a small amount.
  • Equipping a cursed item instantly causes a large amount of corruption.

Cleansing Corruption[]