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Corrupting Brew
Corrupting Brew
A foreboding liquid of acrid yet sweet aroma
Type Consumable
Grade Low
Consumable Yes
Max Stack 50
Thirst quenched 36
Base Weight Information.png 0.10
Effects Gaining Corruption
ID 18215
Specialist Cooking I
Specialist Cooking I
ID 18208
Level 0 Cost 1
Icon cook stove 2.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon darfari bug soup.png Darfari Bug Soup
Full of things with no legs or too many legs
Crafted at Stove
Icon spiced soup.png Spiced Soup
A zesty soup
Crafted at Stove
Icon corrupting brew.png Corrupting Brew
A foreboding liquid of acrid yet sweet aroma
Crafted at Stove
Icon flavored gruel.png Flavored Gruel
Gruel with a dash of flavor
Crafted at Stove
Icon salted fatty meat.png Salted Pork
Salt and fat in a succulent combination
Crafted at Stove
Icon spiced fatty meat.png Spiced Pork
Zesty slab of succulent meat
Crafted at Stove


Even the arts you call sorcery are governed by cosmic laws.
~ The People of the Black Circle

Foul ingredients are brewed together to make this forbidden drink which corrupts body and soul. Sorcerers covet this libation, for they know that it nourishes a certain, long atrophied organ of the human soul, stimulating it to open like a nocturnal flower and become sensitive to the vibrations and blasphemies of the Outer Dark.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Stove, Improved Stove
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon purified water.png Purified Water
1 Icon demon blood.png Demon Blood
1 Icon yellow lotus blossum.png Yellow Lotus Blossom
1 Icon corrupting brew.png Corrupting Brew 5 s 32