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Cooking And Brewing Specialist Books Guide
Cooking And Brewing Specialist Books Guide
Levels: 0
Author: Slyrusca


Conan Exiles offers a wide variety of food, dishes and drinks. Most of which are locked in books you can randomly stumble upon in your journey.

This guide is a list of the current recipe books you can discover in the exiled lands and their locations. As of October 2018, there are 9 cooking and 2 brewing book locations.

Note: There are 10 specialist cooking but one location gives 2.

Basic requirements[]

  • None


See also: Food.


Specialist Cooking I[]

SpecialistCooking1n6-2.png Cooking 1 6 map.jpg

Specialist Cooking II[]

Specialist Cooking II Location1.jpg Specialist Cooking II Location2.jpg

Specialist Cooking III[]

Cooking III screen.jpg Cooking III map.jpg

Specialist Cooking IV[]

Cooking IV screen.jpg Cooking IV map.jpg

Specialist Cooking V[]

Cooking V screen.jpg Cooking V map.jpg

Specialist Cooking VI[]

SpecialistCooking1n6-2.png Cooking 1 6 map.jpg

Specialist Cooking VII[]

Cooking VII screen.jpg Cooking VII map.jpg

Specialist Cooking VIII[]

Cooking VIII screen.jpg Cooking VIII map.jpg

Specialist Cooking IX[]

Cooking IX screen.jpg Cooking IX map.jpg

Specialist Cooking X[]

Cooking X screen.jpg Cooking X map.jpg

Specialist Brewing I[]

  • On a bench next to a bonfire in the South-East part of The Den.

Specialist Brewing I Location1.jpg Specialist Brewing I Location2.jpg

Specialist Brewing II[]

Specialist Brewing II Location1.jpg Specialist Brewing II Location2.jpg

Specialist Brewing III[]

Pirate Cuisine[]


  • [1]