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Cooked Fish
Cooked Fish
Steaming bowl of fish
Type Consumable
Grade Low
Ingredient Yes
Consumable Yes
Max Stack 50
Hunger sated 27
Health regen 2 HP/3s
Expiration 0:20:00
Expires to Putrid Meat
Base Weight Information.png 0.10
Effects Sated
ID 18200


It takes an Argossean merchant to wring wealth out of a little waterfront shop that stank of rotten fish and cheap wine.
~ The Hour of the Dragon

The bounty of the rivers and seas are a major food source for many peoples in Hyboria. Such fare may be prepared by roasting, boiling, and many other methods besides.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Bonfire, Campfire,
Large Campfire
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon rawBadFish.png Unappetizing Fish 1 Icon cookedBadFish.png Cooked Fish 5 s 2


Used in the following Recipes Information.png
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon cookedBadFish.png Cooked Fish 1 Icon driedFish.png Dried Fish 10 s 4