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Instead of doing one single update every other day, or a few updates a week with small changes, could you please just do one or two mass updates a month? We are playing on a private server, and are host has quite a few players participating on one server. Updates cause our host to have to re-set the server and does not allow us to use the old IP address. It would be much more practical for all purposes to do just one or two mass updates a month, rather than every other day. I can't imagine we are the only players having this frustrating problem.
: This isn't really the best place to make these kinds of request as we don't really have access to the servers on Conan Exiles. Your best bet would be to post on the steam forums or on the official website or even on the subreddit. Good luck! --[[User:Z3ther|Z3ther]] ([[User talk:Z3ther|talk]]) 16:13, 30 March 2017 (UTC)

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