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Welcome to Hyboria![]

The Conan Exiles Discord, maintained by the players.

Hyboria is a savage and untamed world, but this Discord should be a safe place for all.
Please, read these rules before commencing your journey. Be sure to report any user or content which violates these rules or is otherwise discussable.

For discord-related questions or issues, you're allowed to DM a Discord Moderator.

When you are done reading and have not done so already, join the Discord!.

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Respect fellow Exiles and their privacy.
  3. Nicknames must be visible and @-mentionable. Users are allowed a single valid emoji/character and only at the end of their name.
  4. Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged.
  5. We try to be up front whether or not a post needs to be deleted. Please ask a Discord Moderator if you are unsure.
  6. The following is prohibited and should otherwise be avoided:
  • Anything illegal by law, eg. content such as porn. (ban)
  • Avoiding any rules or otherwise controversial activity. (DM with Discord Moderator and/or kick/ban)
    • Reactions with inappropriate emoji's from other Discords.
    • Abuse of any DMs, bots etc.
    • Discussing moderation and pushing rule suggestions. Staff decides internally whether an action taken is justified.
    • Continued violation of the rules; takes place after the user has been explicitly warned.
Note: It is possible the user has missed warnings due to blocking the author/moderator. It is their choice to block these messages. We are not responsible for any missed warnings.

All rules and their consequences:[]

  • May depend on the severity of an action.
  • Apply to all posts, present and future.
  • Are subject to change.

As a newcomer, you only have permission to:[]

  • Change nickname.
  • Read text channels and message history.
  • Add reactions.
    • Including, by default, emoji from other Discords if you have Nitro.

To obtain the Exiles role, you must:[]

  • Have a verified email on your Discord account.
  • Have a Discord account that's existed for longer than 5 minutes.
  • Have been a member of our Discord for longer than 10 minutes.
Becoming one of the Exiles afterwards may take longer than 10-11 minutes. If so, please let a Discord Moderator know. This may be due to:
  • Discord service maintenance by Discord staff.
  • Bot maintenance by the bot developer.
  • Breaking a rule.

By becoming one of the Exiles you agree you have:[]

  • Read the #welcome channel, as mentioned in the newcomers channel rules.
  • Read these rules.
  • Accepted these rules.

  1. Community Guidelines apply.
  2. The following is prohibited and should otherwise be avoided:
  • DMs and friend requests without permission from the receiver. (warning)
  • Mentioning/pinging @everyone, @here (fair warning), or anyone at random. (slight warning)
  • Mentioning/pinging Funcom staff without permission. (slight warning)
Instead, ask in the troubleshooting channel. If the reason is valid, a Discord Moderator will contact them.
All messages outside NSFW channels are scanned for inappropriate content by Discord.
  • Priority / attention-seeking. If you already have a thread on the Funcom Forums, leave it at that. If you are searching for a mod author, try replying on the mod's Steam page.
    • Mentioning/pinging anyone Exile Modder and up to ask questions. They are not experts and do not like to get tagged. (notice, slight warning)
    • Mentioning/pinging multiple people, or repeatedly, if deemed inappropriate by a moderator. (slight warning)
State your question or discussion topic instead.
  • Arguments and hate (DM with Discord Moderator)
    • Do not bring in-game or real life arguments into Discord. (warning)
    • Try to discuss calmly via DM; if no solution is found or compromise can be reached, ask a Discord Moderator to aid where possible. This includes pointing participants in the right direction or recommending them to close the issue.
    • Try to be constructive and considerate. Refer to this Wiki and ask in game-chat when you are unsure of anything.
  • Threats, personal attacks, or statements about race, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, etc. are absolutely not allowed. (fair warning)
  • Flaming, naming and shaming, bullying, harassment. (fair warning)
  • Swearing, bad language, caps, excessive shouting, spamming, or flooding. (warning)
Certain words considered to be swearing/bad language even if they also have innocent uses have been blacklisted.

  1. The following is prohibited and should otherwise be avoided:
  • Scams, trading, soliciting, or impersonation (ban)
  • Advertising unless otherwise mentioned by channel rules. (warning)
  • Posting malicious links, files, or ASCII (Unicode, emoji's etc.). (fair warning)
    • .exe files. (ban)
    • Please use full links, preferably https. Short links ("googl", "bitly" etc.) are considered vague and unsecure.
      • Links to "huya" are prohibited.
  • Asking/posting how to use exploits/cheats/hacks etc. See also the troubleshooting channel rules.
  • Asking/posting how to unpack files; this can be used to steal code or files. (warning/ban)
  • Off-topic content outside the off-topic channel.
  • Discussion of religion and politics.
  • Inappropriate content
    • Inappropriate nicknames (DM with Discord Moderator)
    • Content without permission to be freely distributed. (ban or warning)
    • NSFW content outside NSFW channels. (warning)

  1. Read the welcome channel.
  2. Be patient.

  1. General Conan Exiles-related discussion and questions only.

  1. Conan Exiles-related art and screenshots only.

  1. Conan Exiles-related stream/video promotion only. You may post as many unique streams/videos as you like in this channel.
  2. Use game chat for discussion related to streams/videos.

  1. Official Conan Exiles Wiki-related discussion only. You can post suggestions and ask questions regarding the wiki and how to help with contributing and translating.
  2. Do not mention/ping Wiki Staff without permission.

The official Gamepedia Help Wiki and the official Fandom/Gamepedia Discord (registered contributors only) are listed in Pinned Messages.



Maintained by MarkusRost.

Wiki-Bot is a helpful bot which can search for pages on the Conan Exiles Wiki, provide information about wiki users, and much more! You can interact with it in any channel, but we prefer that you use the bot channel. To find out what it can do, use the command !wiki help.

Recent Changes[]

Maintained by Frisk.

Wiki-Bot can also list Recent Changes on the Conan Exiles Wiki and provides information about downtime. You can only see the recent changes channel if you are a Wiki Editor.

  1. Report issues in the appropriate place, see Conan Exiles#Game support.
  2. If you are unsure if something is a bug, you should ask here.
  3. Server admins should use the Admins United: Conan Discord, which can be found online. Otherwise, you can ask to be DMed this link. It should not be shared in the Discord itself. This is to prevent i.e. off-topic discussion.

Great Gatekeeper[]


List available roles.

?rank Name

Join/leave a rank.


Displays above description.

Note: Example rank "Mystic" does not exist on this server.


!wiki Pagename

Links to a page on the wiki ( Useable in any channel.

  1. Use the bot channel when not relevant to discussion in other channels.

  1. Keep off-topic (non-Conan Exiles) discussion here. Comparisons to and some on-topic discussion of Conan Exiles are allowed. Keep further on-topic discussion in their respective channels where possible.

  1. Conan Exiles guild/clan recruitment only.
  2. Channels are device-specific.
  3. For every unique request, only post once unless posting a reply or otherwise noted, see below.
  4. If possible, include: Guild/clan name, platform, and region. Optional: Discord, Steam thread, gameplay type(s), and server name/IP.
  5. Discord links should be set to Everyone (not user-restricted) and Never Expire (not time-restricted).

Old messages are found by searching:

in:server-promotion from:Username

Looking for group[]

Invitations and requests concerning groups like guilds and clans. Requests for and member invitations from guilds/clans.

  1. Posts should be detailed, see above.
  2. Replies must mention the player(s) whom requested.

Looking for server[]

Requests for servers with specifics not immediately found in server promotion.

  1. Replies must mention the player(s) who asked.
  2. Replies should include one detail only, eg. server name. Use the appropriate server promotion channel if you want to give more details.

Community events[]

  1. Conan Exiles-related community events only.
  2. Use the server promotion channel for events solely promoting your server, such as wipes or changes to rate multipliers.

Server promotion[]

  1. Conan Exiles-related server promotion only.
  2. Channels are device-specific.
  3. Do not use 2+ messages per post! Edit your message instead.
  4. Do not re-post unless otherwise noted. No 2+ users should promote the same one. Check if yours has not been promoted.
  • Recommended: Do not spend every day promoting.
    • Do not re-advertise within at least 24 hours. Check your old post's date and time.
    • Clean up old posts before re-advertising.
  1. If possible, include: server name, platform, region, language, mod(s), gameplay type(s), and IP (server port if needed). Optional: Discord link (non-expiring), Steam group information, site link, average activity, and average ping.
  2. Discord links should be set to Everyone (not user-restricted) and Never Expire (not time-restricted).
  3. Do not ask for servers or message authors here. Use the appropriate looking for group channel.

Old messages are found by searching:

in:server-promotion from:Username

Lists of servers called "server lists" can be found online. A selection is listed on Useful links.

  1. Conan Exiles-related discussion in the specified language.
  2. Looking for group and server promotion posts are allowed, unless otherwise noted.
de: Deutsch (German)
es: Español (Spanish)
fr: Français (French)
it: Italiano (Italian)
ja: 日本語 (Japanese)
nl: Nederlands (Dutch), not supported in-game.
no: Norsk/Nåsk (Norwegian), not supported in-game.
pl: Polski (Polish)
pt-br: Portugues do Brasil (Portuguese)
ru: русский (Russian)
tr: Türkçe (Turkish)

The moderation team tries to follow the guidelines below. Whether the violation of a rule results in one of the following consequences is noted next to the rule, eg. "(ban)." Exceptions are made when there is sufficient support, when a violation does not fit one of the following categories and when there are changes in the rules.

  • If someone (severely) breaks a rule, they receive a warning either on the server or via DM if needed.
  • If someone breaks a rule which is noted as "ban" (eg. illegal content), they may be banned immediately or given a fair warning.
In the latter case, an exception can be made when there is sufficient support and a ban may be decided upon. Depending on whether there are any guidelines on the violation at the time, this is communicated in the warning.
  • If someone constantly breaks the same or a similar rule and there is sufficient support for it, a kick may be decided upon.
  • If someone continuously breaks the rules after explicit warning and there is sufficient support for it, a ban may be decided upon.


Server guidelines[]

More information[]


  • Funcom Executive Producer: Production team lead.
  • Funcom Lead Designer: Design team lead.
  • Funcom Developer: Synced with the modding Discord. DevKit developers.
  • Funcom Community Manager: Public Relations (PR).
  • Discord Moderator: Trusted Chat Moderator.
    • Bot Commander: Maintains the moderation Discord bots.
  • Chosen of Asura: Synced with the Funcom forums. Helpful community member. Chosen by Funcom every 2 months. See Chosen of Asura.
  • Exile Elite: Active, helpful community member. Chosen by staff and the community.
  • Exile Tutorialist: Content creator. Has posted 1+ verifiable stream/video in the streams-videos channel.
  • Exile Author: Guide, tool or map maker.
    • Wiki Editor: Synced with the Wiki. Has at least 3 useful Wiki contributions.
      • Wiki Staff: Synced with the Wiki. Obtained by applying (ask for details in the Wiki channel or on the Admin noticeboard).
    • Forum moderator: Synced with Funcom forums. Volunteer.
    • Twitch moderator: Synced with Twitch. Volunteer.
    • YouTube moderator: Synced with YouTube Volunteer.
    • Mixer moderator: Synced with Mixer. Volunteer.
    • Map author: Has made a verifiable map.
  • Exile Modder: Synced with the modding Discord. Is active with modding.
    • Mod author: Has made a verifiable mod.
  • Exiles: See General Rules.
    • Discord Partner: Staff of Discords listed in Useful links.
      • PIPPI: PIPPI mod staff.
      • CERP: Conan Exiles RP staff.
    • Early: Joined within a month since the Discord became public, or before it did. ~100 members currently have or have had this role. An exception was made for players who joined November 1st.
    • 'device' / 'region': See bot channel rules
    • Bot: Discord bots.
    • Muted: Can not chat for a given amount of time.
  • Everyone: See General Rules.
Role color appearance may differ from Discord.



February 6: Azalah, ZeroG and Tephra become Discord Moderators.
February 1: Added Turkish channel.


September 11: Jim1 is no longer a Chat Moderator.
July 15: Jimbo becomes a Discord Moderator. ZeroG and Tephra become a Chat Moderator.
July 14: Azalah becomes a Chat Moderator.
July 8: ZeroG becomes an Exile Elite. Jim1 becomes a Chat Moderator.
May 16: Narelle becomes an Exile Elite.
May 11: Estha becomes an Exile Elite.
May 5: Jimbo, Tephra and Lawnmower | Jaktari become Exile Elites.
March 2: Jimbo becomes a Chat Moderator.
January 18: TheLOLxd2, Spynosaur (Nicole V) and Stormknightuk become Exile Elites.
  • Added Hungarian channel.
  • Added Chosen of Asura role.
  • Changed invite link due to unsuccesful test of 'disconnect on logout.'
  • Changed invite link due to self-bot attack.
  • Added console lfg and server channels.


  • Temporary first-anniversary channel (sales and activities leading up to the first anniversary on May 8, 2019)
  • Moved rules to the wiki.
July 6: Mitwad, Mystyrs and Shazadi become Exile Elites.
May 14: Conny becomes an Exile Elite.


November 1: Members who joined on or before this date were given the Early role at a later point in time.
October 1: The Discord is made public and announced on Reddit. The time of release was delayed beforehand to make additional changes.
September 9: The Discord gets its first member, Spynosaur (Nicole).
Early September: The Discord is started by TheLOLxd2. This supposdly took place during the first week of September. Contact is made with Funcom, who are invited to join the Discord.
Late August: The first Discord is removed by Discord automaticly due to inactivity of its owner (40 days)
Mid July: Contact is made with the owner and moderator of the first Discord. Shortly after, both become inactive.
June / Early July: The first Discord is started.