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</div><!--END Twitter box-->
</div><!--END Twitter box-->
<div class="fpbox" id="fpwiki"><!-- BEGIN Wiki box-->
{{header|The Conan Exiles Wiki Community}}
{| style="width: 100%;"
| width="50%" |
* [[How To Play Guide For Conan Exiles]]
* [[System requirements]]
* [[Dedicated server system requirements]]
* [http://store.steampowered.com/app/440900/ On Steam]
| width="50%" |
<div>'''Get Wiki Help'''</div>
* [[:gphelp: |How To Wiki]]
<div>'''Joining in'''</div>
* [[Special:UserLogin/signup|Register]]
| colspan="2" |'''Translate'''
* Conan Exiles wiki is also available in [[:zh:Conan Exiles Wiki|中文]], [[:fr:Conan Exiles Wiki|Français]] and [[:pt-br:Conan Exiles Wiki|Portugues]]. Please help translate if you can!
</div><!--END Wiki box--><noinclude>
[[Category:Front page sections]]</noinclude>
[[Category:Front page sections]]</noinclude>

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