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Clans are groups of players in Conan Exiles, also known as guilds in other games. There is a limit of 10 players on official servers.[1]
Clan members and their followers are hostile to other clans if on a server that is designated PvP or PvE-C (only during conflict times), but benign on PvE servers.

If you join a clan, current thralls may no longer consider you an ally as they are not part of your clan (exception: you may have one follower). Players in a clan share the same buildings, entering a clan also enters your existing buildings into the clan. If you leave:

  • a one-person clan, all buildings will revert to their last ownership, the last person to leave a clan.
  • a clan of multiple players, your buildings will remain owned by clan.

To invite someone into your clan, stand next to the person looking at them, and hold E which will send an invite to your clan.

People who are not in the clan can not build on the land claim or use most equipment.

Clan Merges[]

Important note: There is no guarantee this will not be affected by future releases; use at your own risk. Successfully tested on PVE Public server 2/11/2020, confirmed on dedicated server 5/15/2020.
Important note: You must be clan leader. If not, this will fail. Please report the issue on the Funcom Boards.

1. Have all clan members leave the clan you want to merge into another, but leave ONE single clan member (leader).

  • These members can join the new clan as soon as leaving their old, or at any point after leaving their former.
    • At this point, all PLACED items associated with all former members are still owned by the old clan and there is 1 member (leader) left.

2. Have the last clan member (leader) leave the clan (do not disband).

  • May get a warning message stating you will lose all items when you leave (disregard).
  • After the clan leader leaves the old clan, all previously placed clan items will now be fully owned by that individual player, giving that person the ability to join a new clan, thereby giving ownership of all his items to the new clan when joining.

3. Have old clan leader (now clanless) join the new clan.

  • At this point all members that have joined the new clan have full access to their items again.
    • The new clan may not have same ranking system and 1st level members cannot access vaults.

Leaving a Clan-To solo, or start a new clan[]

Tested on PVE Public server 2/10/2020

Before you begin, make sure of the following: To minimize loss of items, the following steps are in the order you need to follow:

  • All items (placed buildings, placed thralls and non-pickup items ie: Animal Pens, Wheels, Altars will not be transferable.
  • You will need at least 1 trusted party to assist with transferring items as described below (inside or outside of clan):
  • This is much easier if you have a member of your current clan you can trust that will give you your items after you leave, otherwise, a third party may be used as described below.
  • All players assisting with transition need to empty their personal inventory before beginning (as to not mix their items with your items).
  • Have enough boxes (storage area), that is owned by your trusted friend, before you begin (have them set-up a temporary storage facility for you) to hold all of your items.
  • Be mindful of purge meters (your own and of those helping you). It is best to schedule this for right after both parties involved receive a purge or are not due on anytime soon.

1. All items that can be picked up: Transfer to trusted outside clan member for storage during transition (You will have to drop and let them pickup to transfer these items).

  • Anything owned by current clan and not in your personal inventory at time of leaving will be lost as ownership stays with current clan. All items are clan bound, if in a clan.

2. Building items that are placed: It is recommended that you dismantle any building items and also transfer the materials you gain from dismantling them to your trusted friend assisting you (but not required unless you want to rebuild immediately in same spot).

  • At this point the only items left standing should be your pets/thralls that were already placed. (Remove all of their clothing/weapons and inventory as well to minimize loss).
    • If rebuilding in same area: After leaving the clan and the area is empty you will need to leave the area temporarily for the land ownership to reset.

3. Decide if you want to totally remove thralls/pets or leave with former clan.

  • To destroy/delete placed pets/thralls use the Break-Bond option when holding down E over each one.
  • If you want your former clan to keep them, proceed to next step.

4. Leave your current clan

  • At this point you lose access to your previously placed thralls/pets as they are still owned by your previous clan. They are not retrievable.
    • If you have a follower at this time, it will go into scouting mode and ignore any of your commands. Picking the option to place them on guard duty(to make their hologram hover) before leaving the clan will allow you to place their hologram in a new position, but it will vanish upon placement and they will still be part of the clan you left.

5. Have your trusted friend or trusted old clan friend to transfer items back to you, but dropping them and you picking them up.

  • It is easiest to pickup/drop 1 full box at the time for organizing (make sure to pickup/drop the actual box as well).
  • At this point you are not in a clan and you have all items with the exception of the placed thralls before you left your old clan. Buildings are gone but you have regained a % of the materials needed to rebuild.

6. You are now free to begin your solo journey or start a new clan! Congratulations!


  • Dedicated server admins can adjust the player limit in the Server Settings.
  • Creating alliances with other clans does not have a system, but you could make "handshake deals" and figure out plans alternatively.
  • On full release, clan size was reduced from 30 to 10.[2]