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Child of Jhebbal Sag
Child of Jhebbal Sag
ID: Dialogue_Child_of_Jhebbal_Sag
Type NPC
Temperament Passive
Race Werehyena
Faction Child of Jhebbal Sag
Location(s) Southwest of The Den

Provides the following options:


Child of Jhebbal Sag is a Werehyena. He is located to the southwest of The Den. He discusses his lack of desire for being on this plane and his exile by his brother, Impisi (who may be the Brother of the Blood in the Midnight Grove).


Child of Jhebbal Sag can be found at the following locations:

  • Southwest of The Den. TeleportPlayer -126245 36275 -10310


First Contact[]

Come, come to me. You have nothing to fear of me human. I am simply lonely as I await my return to the misty lands. I would like to talk.


Is my appearance repellent to you, human? Your kind find no kinship in the unnatural. My brother, Impisi, summoned me from the misty lands. We are bound by flesh, blood and our kinship with Jhebbal Sag. But Impisi asked of me power that could not be given. He took my silence for disobedience and drove me forth from his camp in a wrath. I simply wish to return to my realm, but Impisis will not allow it because he thinks I am withholding information.
If I could simply kill Impisi to secure passage to my realm, I would do it. But the incantations that he spoke bind us as one, tied together by invisible threads. His thoughts are my thoughts; if he is struck, I am bruised. If I am cut, he bleeds. There must be a severing of ties, if I am to find my way back.
Do you know of Jhebbal Sag, human? Once all living things worshiped him. When men and animals spoke the same tongue, he would walk among them in any form that he chose. He would mate with the females of all races and from those unions would birth half-divine children such as I. Such as Impsi. Most men have forgotten the tongue that they shared with the animals. Only some few animals remember. Would you learn to speak with the animals, human?
The realm that I come from is volatile: a world of shifting energies and elemental forces. By contrast, I find your world to be... tranquil. But I suspect that my nature makes me more sensitive to the undercurrents that run beneath this strange land. Take this grove, for instance. These trees were once something else. Not human, nor any other creature that I have encountered in this place. And they are screaming. Endlessly screaming.
Have you seen my brother, Impisi? He is more animal than man, lost in the mad-scented lust of the hunt. When he summoned me, he sought the power to become a beast for a period. When I refused him and was outcast, he turned to darker powers. I fear that a bat has flown over the Mountains of the Dead bearing his request to the Four Brothers of the Night. What the gods of darkness have replied, I do not know. But strange beasts stalk the night now, and once, I saw the shadow of the Children of Jhil passing over this place and into the mountains. I fear what he has unleashed.


A loon whispered to me of your coming.
The dark moon wanes, human.
You return to this haunted grove.


Your conversation shall be missed, human.
If I am gone when you return, know that I have returned whence I came.
I will wander here, human, until I can return to the misty lands.


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