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Chat commands[1]
Action Command Function Example Display
Local Channel /s or
+ Spacebar to swap to the local channel. - -
Clan Channel /c or
+ Spacebar to swap to the clan channel. - -
Global Channel /g or
+ Spacebar to swap to the global channel. - -
Action Command /me [text] To describe what your character is doing/thinking. /me begins to threaten Razma with a tuna. "Conan begins to threaten Razma with a tuna."
Use an emote /emote [emote_name] To use an emote. /emote wave The character uses the Wave emote.
Change Font Size /fontsize [size_in_points] To change the size of the chat font. /fontsize 10
Channel Name /showchannelname Displays the channel's name. - -
Time Stamp /showtimestamp Displays the channel's time. -
Personal Info /whoami Lists your in-game ID, clan, character name and steam name. - -
Toggle Debug HUD ToggleDebugHUD Shows:
  • Server performance and player count (top right).
  • Your coordinates (bottom left).
  • A full list of players.

After relogging with it enabled it also shows the amount of[citation needed] and distance to AI, placeables and buildings (amount loaded, min. distance, medium distance, max. distance)[2]

- -
Help /help Lists all chat commands.
(the shortened variations -/s, /l, /g-, Toggle Debug HUD and the later added Dice Rolling will not appear in the list).
- -
Dice Rolling
(Variant A)
/roll [a] [b] Produces an output in local chat where you roll a dice.
[a]: lowest number.
[b] is the highest)
/roll 1 100:
will roll a random number from 1 to 100 in local chat.
"[PlayerName] rolled a 4 (1-100)."
Dice Rolling
(Variant B)
/dice [a] [b] Produce a combined output of having rolled multiple dice.
[a]: number of dice.
[b]: number of sides on the dice
/dice 2 6 "[PlayerName] rolled a 7 (2d6)"
(where 7 is the actual result, and the 2d6 means “two six-sided dice”.)

Dice Rolling[]

Main article: Die


  • In the PC settings there might also be a setting to show or hide chat by default on start up.[3][citation needed]