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Like a whisper at the back of his consciousness rose the vague memory of the name of an ancient god of darkness and primordial fear, to whom once both men and beasts bowed and whose children -- men whispered -- still lurked in the dark corners of the world.
~ Beyond the Black River

A masterfully prepared assembly of meats and vegetables, further enhanced by the collected flesh of Jhebbal Sag's most loyal and fearsome champions. If carefully laid on a place of great power, honoring Jhebbal Sag, the greatest champion may be drawn out.


Used in the following Recipes Information
Altar of Jhebbal Sag
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon lure meat smelly Champion Lure
1 Icon skin mammoth jhebbalsag a02c4 Brand of the Mammoth
1 Icon skin panther jhebbalsag a02c4 Brand of the Panther
1 Icon skin rhino jhebbalsag a02c4 Brand of the Rhino
1 Icon lure meat smelly Grand Champion Lure 10 s 0


  • Needs to be placed on a players hotbar and activated to be utilized. Once this is done it is placed like any craftabe decoration, however it can only be placed on a sacred altar. For more information see The Sacred Hunt.