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'All discarded portions of the human body still remain part of it, attached to it by intangible connections. The priests of Asura have a dim inkling of this truth, and so all nail trimmings, hair and other waste products of the persons of the royal family are carefully reduced to ashes and the ashes hidden.'
~ The People of the Black Circle

One of the legion of occulted secrets of nighted Stygia is the canopic jar - a sacred vessel meant to hold the organs of the most esteemed dead for purposes holy or blasphemous... or both.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Artisan Table, Aquilonian Artisan Table, Argossean Artisan Table, Khitan Artisan Table, Turanian Artisan Table, Nemedian Artisan Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
25 Icon stone-1 Stone 1 Icon A02C4 stygiantomb jar B shop Canopic Jar (Variant B) 10 s 50

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The Canopic Jar (Variant B) can be dismantled using the Icon Crafting Dismantler Dismantling Bench to recover the following materials:

For slightly more materials, you can use the Icon crafting dismantler t2 Improved Dismantling Bench: