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Notable Loot[]

Harvestable Loot

Limited Harvestable Loot

Full Loot List

  • Icon trophy antilope Antelope Head Trophy
  • Icon bone-1 Bone
  • Icon bone arrow Bone Arrow
  • Icon bone broth Bone Broth
  • Icon glove wolf Bone Claws
  • Icon bone shield-1 Bone Shield (Variant A)
  • Icon bone shield-1 Bone Shield (Variant B)
  • Icon bread Bread
  • Icon claws Claws
  • Icon human flesh grilled Cooked Human Flesh
  • Icon trophy crocodile Crocodile Head Trophy
  • Icon papyrus scroll Dance Instructions (War Dance)
  • Icon yog cleaver Darfari Axe (Variant A)
  • Icon yog cleaver Darfari Axe (Variant B)
  • Icon Flag Standing Darfari1 Darfari Banner (Variant A)
  • Icon Flag Standing Darfari2 Darfari Banner (Variant B)
  • Icon Flag Standing Darfari3 Darfari Banner (Variant C)
  • Icon Flag Standing Darfari4 Darfari Banner (Variant D)
  • Icon darfari bug soup Darfari Bug Soup
  • Icon club yog Darfari Cudgel (Variant A)
  • Icon club yog Darfari Cudgel (Variant B)
  • Icon darfari gauntlets Darfari Skin Bracers
  • Icon darfari chestpiece Darfari Skin Chestpiece
  • Icon darfari boots Darfari Skin Greaves
  • Icon darfari leggings Darfari Skin Skirt
  • Icon darfari mask 02 Darfari Speaker Mask
  • Icon darfari bone sword Darfari Sword (Variant A)
  • Icon darfari bone sword Darfari Sword (Variant B)
  • Icon darfari mask 01 Darfari Watcher Mask
  • Icon Wind Chime Darfari Wind Chimes
  • Icon trophy undead kappa Demonic Shaleback Head Trophy
  • Icon dried berries Dried Berries
  • Icon driedFish Dried Fish
  • Icon driedMeat Dried Meat
  • Icon darfari drums Drum (Variant B)
  • Icon treasure voodoodoll Effigy Doll
  • Icon raw tough meat Exotic Flesh
  • Icon fangs Fangs
  • Icon ostrich feather Feather
  • Icon raw stringy meat Feral Flesh
  • Icon trophy gazelle Gazelle Head Trophy
  • Icon grilled steak Grilled Steak
  • Icon gruel Gruel
  • Icon hide-1 Hide
  • Icon animal horn Horn (Variant A)
  • Icon human flesh Human Flesh
  • Icon basic wood bow Hunting Bow
  • Icon trophy hyena Hyena Head Trophy
  • Icon Hide Hyena Hyena Pelt
  • Icon skull stick1 Impaled Skull (Variant A)
  • Icon skull stick5 Impaled Skull (Variant B)
  • Icon skull stick7 Impaled Skull (Variant C)
  • Icon trophy king rocknose King Rocknose Head Trophy
  • Icon trophy kudo Kudo Head Trophy
  • Icon scrawled note Language Dictionary (Black Kingdoms)
  • Icon darfari wind chimes Large Darfari Wind Chimes
  • Icon papyrus scroll Prayer to Yog
  • Icon reptile hide-1 Reptile Hide
  • Icon trophy rocknose Rocknose Head Trophy
  • Icon healing basicwraps Rough Wraps
  • Icon salty berry snack Salted Berries
  • Icon meat-1 Savoury Flesh
  • Icon baby kappa shell Shaleback Hatchling Shell
  • Icon trophy kappa Shaleback Head Trophy
  • Icon trophy king kappa Shaleback King Head Trophy
  • Icon shredded meat roast Shredded Roast
  • Icon treasure shrunkenhead Shrunken Head
  • Icon repair kit plant fiber Simple Armor Repair Kit
  • Icon whetstone stone Simple Weapon Repair Kit
  • Icon Skull2 Skull of Yog
  • Icon cleaver primal Stone Cleaver
  • Icon skinning dagger stone Stone Skinning Knife
  • Icon Stuffed Crocodile Taxidermied Crocodile
  • Icon Stuffed Gazelle Taxidermied Gazelle
  • Icon Stuffed Hyena Taxidermied Hyena
  • Icon Stuffed Imp Taxidermied Imp
  • Icon Stuffed Komodo Taxidermied Komodo
  • Icon Stuffed Kudo Taxidermied Kudo
  • Icon Stuffed Ostrich Taxidermied Ostrich
  • Icon Stuffed Rocknose Taxidermied Rocknose
  • Icon Stuffed Shaleback Taxidermied Shaleback
  • Icon Stuffed Spider Taxidermied Spider
  • Icon thick hide-1 Thick Hide
  • Icon treasure toothednecklace Tooth Necklace
  • Icon trophy undead hyena Undead Hyena Head Trophy
  • Icon Warpaint Darfari Warpaint - Darfari Cannibals
  • Icon aloe extract weak Weak Aloe Extract
  • Icon skull Weathered Skull
  • Icon yog cudgel Yoggite Cudgel

  • Equipment[]

    The standard equipment of the NPC can also drop as loot: