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Bulked Plating
Bulked Plating
A set of bulky armor plates to fit inside armor
Type Consumable
Grade High
Max Stack 10
Base Weight Information.png 1.75
ID 92191
Grandmaster Armorsmith
Grandmaster Armorsmith
Level 0 Cost 1
Icon modkit arm increaseArmor t3.png Icon star metal pickaxe.png Icon Blank.png
Icon MasterPlatingKit.png Master Armor Plating
A set of reinforcing plates that can attached to increase the strength of armor
Crafted at Tinker's Bench
Icon AbsorptionKit.png Bulked Plating
A set of bulky armor plates to fit inside armor
Crafted at Tinker's Bench
Icon GlidingJointKit.png Gliding Joints
A set of armor joints made for maneuverability
Crafted at Tinker's Bench


These armor plates fit snugly in or over armor pieces but increases the weight of such armors greatly.


  • The feat Grandmaster Armorsmith is learned from the dungeon in Klael's Stronghold: The Warmaker's Sanctuary in EL and from a recipe drop on Siptah (location unknown).
  • Does NOT reduce the durability of the armor, unlike other mod kits, and grants +25 Armor Value and +3 Weight per piece.
  • Also increases weight and is expensive to craft.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Tinker's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
7 Icon starmetal bar.png Star Metal Bar
15 Icon layered fur.png Layered Fur
1 Icon AbsorptionKit.png Bulked Plating 10 s 3256