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Brother of the Mists
Brother of the Mists
ID: DungeonSag_Boss_Bull
Map Exiled Lands
HP 5700
Armor 60
KB Defense 1000
Base XP 14400
Group Boss
Temperament Aggressive
Location Midnight Grove
Drops Exotic Flesh, Horn, Shadebloom, Thick Hide
Patch added 34.0


Brother of the Mists is a Dungeon Boss in the Midnight Grove.
It is a Bull located on a lower platform.


Brother of the Mists, awaken!
Hence comes a challenger - whose people dared to show you a yoke.
Bring them your savagery!
~ Jhebbal Sag


As a bovine, the Bull drops like Bone, Exquisite Meat, Exotic Flesh, Horn, Thick Hide and you have a good chance of getting Shadebloom.


The Brother of the Mists is a Bull located on a lower platform where you need to drop down or shot with Bow and Arrow from above.

  • Right now the drop is the only way into that particular boss arena.
  • You can reduce the damage with the Tier 2 Agility perk.
  • The Bull is a heavy hitter. He uses Charge on enemies to deal high damage and cause knockback.
  • The Charge can be blocked with a Shield.
  • The Area outide of the circle is gas and will do a good amount of stackable damage.
  • However Thralls dont take that much damage from the gas.
  • The Bull dose a stampede attack for several seceonds around himself.


Brother of the Mists entrance. Brother of the Mists at his boss area. Brother of the Mists closeup.