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She waded out until the low waves were lapping about her waist; then she struck out strongly, swimming with a vigor that promised unusual enurance.
~ The Devil in Iron

The Dregs have always been a dangerous place. When the Giant-kings would send slaves to clean out the sewers, they would often lose valuable servants to the creatures which dwelt in the sewers, not to mention those that drowned when a chamber suddenly flooded.

For the latter, at least, they could craft a solution. Using a combination of the strange glowing plants and heat, they created a potion that would allow those caught in water to be able to buy a few more minutes of precious breathing time.

Slaves still disappeared from time to time, but the scrutiny of the Giant-kings seemed to cause a great reduction in these incidents.


  • The Dredger (Knowledge) can be learned from a stele on your right, immediately after entering The Dregs.
  • Once learned, it is permanently unlocked. It is not lost when consuming a Icon yellow lotus potion variant 2 Potion of Natural Learning or resetting the feats with the admin panel.
  • The Breathing Potion increases the lung capacity for 60 seconds.
Water Breathing
Name Type Breathing Time Weight Craftable Acquisition
Icon underwaterbreathing potion Breathing Potion Consumable 60 seconds 1.75 Yes Dredger
Icon potion of lostsouls Potion of Lost Souls Consumable 60 seconds (20% chance) 0.01 No Reanimated Avatar of Bokrug
Icon underwaterbreathing potion Fish Gill Potion Consumable 120 seconds 1.75 Yes Potionmaker
Icon potion of dagonbreath Breath of Dagon Consumable 600 seconds 1.75 Yes Dagon's Breath
Icon male underwater mask Underwater Breathing Mask Headgear ×2.333 2.84 No Beastmaster Teimos
Icon drowned helm Aspect of the Drowned Headgear ×2.333 7.09 Yes Drowned Vault Armors
Icon hardened steel javelin Riptide Javelin Infinite 1.00 No Winged Death


Created from the following Recipes Information
Alchemist's Bench, Improved Alchemist's Bench, Trade Alchemist's Bench, Precision Alchemist's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon water orb Water Orb
5 Icon glowing essence Glowing Essence
1 Icon underwaterbreathing potion Breathing Potion 30 s 176