Conan Exiles Wiki
ID: Dialogue_Braga
Type NPC
Temperament Passive
Race Cimmerian
Location(s) Mounds of the Dead


Braga is a story NPC in Conan Exiles. He can be found at a small camp in the center of the Mounds of the Dead. He is part of the Forgotten Tribe of Cimmerians and is referenced in Ophirean's Journals.


Braga can be found at the following locations:


What brings you to this gods-cursed corner of the world, Exile? Behold, the pride of Cimmeria, a clan of soft-minded fools who think they've died and gone to Crom's realm. Never mind that we walked through a desert to get here. Never mind that we still take pleasure and pain in equal measure. Oh no, we must be in the afterlife. Because it's foggy.
I don't know how much help I can be to you, stranger. I can't even seem to convince my kinsmen to give up their delusion. I feel like I must stay here - the goat-livered idiots in this clan are still my kin. And there are the wights of course. It's an endless battle to retain my sanity.
I came north with a companion, a Shemite who cut me from the cross. He died on the road but before he did, we saw a great deal of this land. Here we have an ancient battlefield. The crimson lotus that blossoms in the soil is proof that blood was once spilled in great quantities.
North, there is snow and ice, and a temple all a-glitter with frost and falling stars. I have spoken with a Frost Giant who told me we were living in a dream. In the volcano I met a strange cult who claim to hear whispers from the ruins there. They tried to stop me from leaving, but I left them to their delusions. North is a Black Keep and the Silent Legion who guard it. I dared not stray too close. That is the North.
I have ventured into the east. First, I found my old enemies, the Aesir and Vanir, now allied and calling themselves the Heirs of the North. I passed by their village, where they herd mammoths and worship their frozen god.
On an island, I met a ghost who sang to me, and though I did not understand her words, it made me weep.
I found a cave, which led to a passage, which led to a swamp, where cruel and twisted creatures stalked the stagnant waters.
And still further east, I came to the shore of an ocean, or an inland sea.
Here, I spoke with pirates, building a ship to set them free. These are the things I saw in the east.
But west? There is only one thing in the west. A tomb built in the side of a mountain, sealed with a huge door. I tried to get inside, but there is some spell or curse which prevents it, and I do not hold with witchcraft. There was a dead man at the entrance - perhaps his spirit would have tales to tell.
I will stay here, and defend my people, stranger. I hold out hope that they will eventually come to their senses, and we can make a plan to escape this empty place. But you, you have no obligation to me or my people. Find a way to bring the cursewall down. Free us all.

intermediate dialogue[]

We're still here, Exile.
The wights haven't taken us yet.
Beware of the old battlefield. The wights are dangerous.
Enjoy not being stuck in a gods-cursed muckhole.
Good luck on your journey.