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Boreanaz the Shrouded
Boreanaz the Shrouded Boreanaz the Shrouded converted
ID: Event_Votaries_Master_Hyperborean
Type Priest
Use at Altar of Ymir
Blooded Altar of Ymir
Exalted Altar of Ymir
Specialization Seneschal
Priest's Religion Ymir
Initial Stats
Race Hyborian
Factions Votaries of Skelos


Boreanaz the Shrouded is a named, Tier 4 Ymir Priest NPC of the Votaries of Skelos faction.


Boreanaz the Shrouded can be found at the following locations:


Boreanaz the Shrouded was added to the game as part of the limited-time Grave Matters event. He likely was not intended to be thrallable.

During the event, Boreanaz the Shrouded was an Overseer Taskmaster, but unlike the other named taskmasters, who use the formerly purge-only crafting speed bonus of +150%, the Grave Matters taskmasters still used the old T4 crafting speed bonus of only +100%. Their crafting stat bonuses on equipment was still identical to regular Overseers.

After the event concluded, the two taskmasters were changed to priests instead.

Bonus Recipes[]