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Blooded Altar to Ymir is one of the Knowledges in Conan Exiles.


All Religion Altars
Religion T1 (Level 1) T2 (Level 20) T3 (Level 50)
Derketo Icon Altar durketo tier1 Pleasure Place of Derketo
Pleasure Place of Derketo (Knowledge)
Icon Altar durketo tier2 Pleasure Dome of Derketo
Pleasure Dome of Derketo (Knowledge)
Icon Altar durketo tier3 Pleasure Palace of Derketo
Pleasure Palace of Derketo (Knowledge)
Jhebbal Sag Icon altar jhebbal sag tier1 Bower of Jhebbal Sag
Bower of JhebbalSag (Knowledge)
Icon altar jhebbal sag tier2 Retreat of Jhebbal Sag
Retreat of JhebbalSag (Knowledge)
Icon altar jhebbal sag tier3 Grove of Jhebbal Sag
Grove of JhebbalSag (Knowledge)
Mitra Icon t1 altar of mitra Shrine of Mitra
Acolyte of Mitra (Knowledge)
Icon t2 altar of mitra Sanctuary of Mitra
Priest of Mitra (Knowledge)
Icon t3 altar of mitra Temple of Mitra
High Priest of Mitra (Knowledge)
Set Icon t1 alter of set Sepulcher of Set
Acolyte of Set (Knowledge)
Icon t2 alter of set Altar of Set
Priest of Set (Knowledge)
Icon t3 alter of set Sanctum of Set
High Priest of Set (Knowledge)
Ymir Icon t1 altar of ymir Altar of Ymir
Altar to Ymir (Knowledge)
Icon t2 altar of ymir Blooded Altar of Ymir
Blooded Altar to Ymir (Knowledge)
Icon t3 altar of ymir Exalted Altar of Ymir
Exalted Altar to Ymir (Knowledge)
Yog Icon t1 alter of yog Pit of Yog
Acolyte of Yog (Knowledge)
Icon t2 alter of yog Rift of Yog
Priest of Yog (Knowledge)
Icon t3 alter of yog Abyss of Yog
High Priest of Yog (Knowledge)
Zath Icon zath altar T1 Nest of Zath
Nest of Zath (Knowledge)
Icon zath altar T2 Web of Zath
Web of Zath (Knowledge)
Icon zath altar T3 Altar of Zath
Altar of Zath (Knowledge)