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The Black Hand main camp
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I think I must be dreaming. I visited pirates today. Pirates! In the middle of a desert! It's as ridiculous as it sounds. Landlocked pirates who built themselves a ship of stone and iron on a mesa in the middle of a canyon. They dress in pirate garb and call themselves "The Black Hand". They claim to be searching for a way out of the Exiled Lands, the same as Jakkad and I, but it doesn't seem as though they have made much progress. There was a lot of talk about hidden maps and secret treasures. I did not talk to their leader, the Butcher of Khwarizm, but I saw her from a distance. A formidable woman. Whatever these fools who follow her think, she has a real plan.

- Razma of Shem


The Black Hand are equipped with iron weapons, bows, iron shields and use stone clubs. They are clad in leather and iron-reinforced cloth, also sometimes sporting exotic extensions in place of limbs.
They come in far greater numbers than the Darfari Cannibals or the Exiles.

Black Hand pirates are comprised of Cimmerian, Darfari, Hyborian, Hyrkanian, Kushite, Nordheimer, Stygian, Shemite, Zamorian and Zingaran.



Black Hand thralls have very low training difficulty.

They start with the following HP:

Tier Fighters Archers Performers
1 510 510 510
2 651 651 621
3 685 685 745
4 1089 1089 1149

Special cases:

They specialize in Agility. Their base stats are as follows:

Tier Strength Agility Vitality Grit
1 0 3 0 0
2 0 7 0 0
3 0 15 1 1
4 1 30 3 2


  • The smaller camps are usually not challenging with a little gear due to their scattered nature and small numbers of foes. Most of the smaller camps consist of 1-2 Fighter thralls, 1 Archer thrall and 1 worker NPC.
  • Most pirates are moderately armored, so armor penetration plays a larger role against increasingly stronger foes like the Black Hand Captain.
  • Due to their small HP pools, poison and bleed stacks are less effective against the majority of Black Hand NPCs, as opposed to high tier factions like Votaries of Skelos.
  • Apart from The Black Galleon, most pirate camps consist of small groups of separated enemies or even individuals thus making high damage burst weapons with higher stamina drain or spears very effective.
  • Shields can be very effective against the relatively high amount of spear-wielders among T4 fighters, the amount of 1-hand-sword wielding foes and archers from this faction.


Black Galleon



List of camps in the desert:

List of camps in the jungle:

In the highlands

Notable NPCs[]

Archer Conchaka of Hyrkania Galter of Bossonia Iekika the Visionary Sarnai Thorn Cristian the Blade
Armorer Irniz of the Furnace Joka Ironfist Shendelzare Ogrus Iron-eater
Jehungir Horseshoe Shur the Armorer Cora, Master Armorer Anzia, Master Armorer
Blacksmith Arvad of Akbitan Maev the Magnificent Iria Soot-face Alphonze the Hammer Aelara Tong-grip
Carpenter Rayne o' the Rosewood Sigyn the Woodworker Una of Cimmeria Kaspa of the Forest Herric the Fletcher
Cook Vatessa the Potent Rum Runner Vald
Performer Danyo the Seductive Imiu of Derketo
Fighter Black Hand Captain Captain Ioushuwa Braggi the Bold Cruaidh the Crusher
Tarman Sully Hekkr Waverunner Gall o' the Spear-din
Smelter Fingal Firetender Idra Sparkeyes
Sorcerer Zarus, Master of the Dead
Tanner Valenso Da Reyn
Taskmaster Saddur the Slaver Vanko the Fearsome Ana the Torturer Ruka the Fierce

The Purge only[]

The Purge only.

Alchemist Atlar the Swarthy Khafra the Mixer Sparn the Laborer Varda the Foul
Archer Captain Bree Captain D'Ref Cristian the Blade Faros the Ravager
Narcissa Farsight Harus Flickerfinger Naralia of the Desert Seas Zara the Crazed
Para Strongbow
Armorer Rimel the Shaggy Saken Bristlebeard Tilutan the Indestructible Uras the Strong
Blacksmith Artificer Galen Master Crafter Shanya Sassan Anvilbreaker Smith Raden
Carpenter Altar Axe-grinder Jelal the Builder Master Carpenter Negan Vash the Bearded
Cook Head Chef Taradis Master Chef Thab Thror Boozehound Turas the Cook
Fighter Captain Ermetius Captain Marus Captain Oda Captain Poscore
Freebooter Argus Freebooter Mirak Keprel the Buccaneer Yela the Siren
Priest - Set Enaro of the Slithering Doom Mulai the Secretkeeper Nasa the Unholy Strab the Herald
Priest - Mitra Edric the Holy Egil of the True Faith Ivasel the Sacred Mikri - Cleric of the Fourth Level
Smelter Ilo Ironbar1 Murzi Smolderfinger1
Tanner Bregg Hide-flayer Pelt-Master Itak1 Tendonhacker1 Yelkin the Pockmarked
Taskmaster Kapellez Noose-Maker1 Karlus the Binder1 Misery-Bringer Artan1 Yakinu the Lacerator1

1 data mined, needs verification

Common Loot[]

Icon wood-1 Wood Icon stone-1 Stone Icon plant fiber-1 Plant Fiber Icon iron bar Iron Bar Icon coal Coal Icon salty berry snack Salted Berries
Icon bark-1 Bark Icon Hide Rhino Rhino Hide Icon Hide Panther Feline Pelt Icon brimstone Brimstone Icon ingredient pitch Tar Icon head rhino black Black Rhino Head
Icon gold dust Gold Dust Icon ironhead arrow Ironhead Arrow Icon stonetip arrow Flinthead Arrow Icon bone arrow Bone Arrow Icon razor arrow Steel Arrow Icon arrow ivory Ivory Arrow
Icon grease orb Grease Orb Icon water orb Water Orb Icon gas orb Gaseous Orb Icon trophy antilope Antelope Head Trophy Icon White candle-1 Candle Stub Icon Wd Bench Old Crude Wooden Bowl

Signature Weapons[]

Signature Armor[]

Wanderer Spawns[]

Various unnamed spawns like: