Bitter Tea

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Bitter Tea
Bitter Tea
A bitter tea that increases stamina
Type Consumable
Grade Mid
Consumable Yes
Max Stack 20
Thirst quenched 37
Expiration 4:00:01
Base Weight 1.75
Effects Cooling down
ID 18353


Strong tea, steeped with potent spices, can drastically refresh one's stamina while heating the body and mind. Turanian guards who draw the late shift are said to be quite fond of this drink on cold, desert nights.


This item does not appear to be working correctly.

  • Does not provide Stamina, increase Max Stamina, or influence Stamina Regeneration.
  • Does provide Chilling Strong.


Created from the following Recipes
Fermentation Barrel
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon purified water.png Purified Water
1 Icon dye ingredient false mandrake.png False Mandrake
5 Icon plant fiber-1.png Plant Fiber
1 Icon shrrom tea.png Bitter Tea 30 s 30