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Bindings of the Dead
Bindings of the Dead
A rope made from the essence of the dead
Type Tool
Grade Legendary
Utility Binding
Base Durability Information.png 14400
Base Weight Information.png 0.63
ID 51965
Bindings of the Dead
Bindings of the Dead
Level 60 Cost 0
Icon Skull2.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon deadbindings lasso.png Bindings of the Dead
A rope made from the essence of the dead
Crafted at Torturer's Worktable


How long Conan lay senseless he never knew. His first sensation of returning consciousness was that of being dragged by one arm over rough and stony ground, and through dense underbrush. Then he was thrown carelessly down, and perhaps the jolt brought back his senses.
~ The Hour of the Dragon

Ropes have dozens of uses, but the most common in the Exiled Lands is the binding and capture of slaves. Once an enemy is rendered unconscious, their ankles are bound with rope and they are dragged into captivity.

Ropes abrade on sharp stones and unravel often. This rope, however, will last for a very long time.


Created from the following Recipes
Torturer's Worktable
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
3 Icon shard of knowledge.png Fragment of Power
10 Icon layered silk.png Layered Silk
40 Icon alchemical base.png Alchemical Base
1 Icon human heart.png Heart of a Hero
1 Icon deadbindings lasso.png Bindings of the Dead 15 s 0


This item can be repaired with a Epic icon whetstone hardened steel bar.png Legendary Weapon Repair Kit.


ConEx Scrolls UndeadCity.jpg

Found in Undead City at the scroll shelf in map room. Trade random scrolls for fragments of power (One of them is the scroll for Bindings of the Dead).