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Bandit Leader
Bandit Leader
ID: RelichunterRobber_Boss
Type Fighter
Icon Icon thrall warrior t1.png
Temperament Hostile
Race Shemite
Faction Relic Hunters
Location(s) Sepermeru


Bandit Leader is a named, Boss Fighter NPC of the Relic Hunters Faction.


Bandit Leader can be found at the following locations:

  • Southlake TeleportPlayer -247526 96325 -4021
  • Southlake TeleportPlayer -243529 104298 -4292
  • Waterside TeleportPlayer -243136 82676 -3848


  • They belong to a sub-faction of the Relic Hunters are hostile upon sight, and can be found inside Sepermeru.
  • They don't have a 100% spawnrate, as they share spawns with T1-T3 variants of the sub-faction.
  • They can drop Icon raw hide lasso.png Rawhide Bindings, Icon leather lasso.png Leather Bindings and Icon chain lasso.png Chain Bindings.
  • As of 25th of June, 2019, Bandit Leader can no longer be thralled. Existing Thralls won't be purged, however, their hp was reduced to 6000.