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Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate
Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate
A staff topped with a serpentine skull that has glowing eyes
Type Material
Max Stack 100
Base Weight Information.png 3.00
ID 15506


This staff, awakened during a ritual on top of the Tower of the Bat, seems to be possessed by the spirit of a demon.

When called upon, the demon can offer advice to the wielder, but whether it can be trusted is a completely different story.


Speaking to the Staff when placed like a structure item will result in game audio from the staff that loosely leads the Exile on the path to finding the pieces required to create The Keystone. The Staff text somewhat leads you to the next item on the list in order of game difficulty. It is mainly a single player/solo play item designed to give the Exile a knowledge base for some of the Conan lore used in the game.


Dialogue with the staff is triggered with player actions or having certain objects in the player's inventory - not a box or chest, but on the player character.

Initial Greeting[]

After placing down the staff, it will start speaking to you.

Yes, YES! I live again. May the earth tremble at my coming and all of that... Oh, hello. Ah... I have you to thank for awakening me, yes? You have done a very great thing. My former masters were... upset with my advice. I was thrown into that sewer in a fit of pique. Apparently, my endless wisdom was only at a premium when they were winning the war.

Initial Chatter[]

After the staff has had a chance to calm down, he'll start up with some useful information, truly intended to start you on your journey.

Pardon me. I've been trapped in a vat of slug feces for a few thousand years. Makes the throat a little raw. As if I have a throat. Now, on to the terms of our agreement. I promise to serve you, providing wisdom and knowledge until the day I am returned to the one who summoned me. In return, you promise not to throw me into any sewers. Sound good? Excellent. I can see you're wearing a slave bracelet. Which means that we can't be that far from the capital, or you'd be a pile of exploded guts. So, logically, we must find the map room. I need to get the lay of the land.

After visiting Unknown City Archive[]

Seems to trigger after a visit to the Archives, potentially may trigger after speaking to the Archivist once - be careful not to speak to him more than that or it will skip this audio and go to the next.

Look at this place! I haven't seen such a mess since the fall of Valusia. And look, the Archivist! Sorry looking shade that he is, he can probably tell us something about the current situation. Besides, he used to be thick as thieves with my old master. Together, they created the bracelet you're wearing. He might be able to tell you how to get rid of it. Just don't believe anything he says about me.

After speaking through all the Archivist's dialogue[]

The Diadem of the Giant-kings. An artifact of singularly unimpressive power. My former master, known as the Priestking, used to wear it as a symbol of his authority. His head looked like a carrot with a silver belt wrapped around it. But it certainly provided him with all the qualities you'd expect of an elderly authority figure - stuffiness, a great love of his own voice, and the inability to control his bowels. The last time I saw his face, I was tumbling down into The Dregs. It was right before he went north, to do battle with his half-breed son, Tyros. I'd check the northern battlefield. Someone probably smelled him.

With Diadem of the Giant-kings in inventory[]

Oh, I liked her! The Witch Queen of Lemuria was powerful and beautiful and not opposed to the occasional orgy. Why I remember some of the rituals she performed, writhing naked upon the alter of Dagon while her followers gave themselves over to the rites of ecstasy. Oh, those blood-soaked moments! I remember her grip upon my haft, stiff and unyielding to her sorcerous ministrations. I... Forgive me. If you need her mask, I can only imagine it will not be far from her palace. Her people built a city in the eastern swamplands. We should visit it.

With Mask of the Witch Queen in inventory[]

The Priestking had an inordinate fondness for blood sport. You'd think a creature that spent his days elbow deep in tentacles, eyeballs, and severed limbs would tire of violence. In any case, he used to put his bastard half-son in battles in the arena. It was all a bit of a joke. Tyros was a lot bigger than the other humans and so, naturally, he excelled. He was awarded the Star of the Champion by the triumvirate. And the Warmaker... well truth be told he was a little put out by the success of the Priestking's son. He put his pet dragon up against the boy. And just when you thought the bastard's luck had finally run out, he ripped off his own horn and jammed it into it's brain, by way of an eye socket. "I salute thee noble beast," he said, and he pinned the Star of the Champion to the creature before giving up his gladiator career forever. Sickeningly noble bastard, but he knew how to please a crowd. I'll give him that.

With Star of the Champion in inventory[]

Yes... Well, this one is rather embarrassing. The Priestking asked me for a weapon to use against the humans where were invading their lands. The Witch Queen had just unleashed a powerful spell that tore up half the north and left a boiling crater in the land. He was getting desperate. So, I suggested this. A sorcery of the old world, that calls forth a primal elemental and imprisons it. I thought he would use it to blast the Witch Queen with fire or something but instead, he captures a storm elemental and imprisons it in the Scourgestone. And then he gave it to the Warmaker to use as he saw fit. I know that the warmaker crushed it as part of his ritual. If you are wondering why the Exiled Lands went from green and lush to arid desert, look no further. I don't know, follow the sandstorm? Something had to stop it from moving further east, after all.

With full Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone) in inventory[]

Hah, you need the tears of two races? There's only one place you can find that mix. Tyros the half-breed. Part Giant-King, part human. His mother liked them big, know what I mean? Now making him cry... that's something else. I heard later on he was called Kinscourge and Deathbringer. By the other side, of course. Some people just don't know how to lose a war gracefully. Best bet is to find out if there was anyone he loved. Heroes like to bawl when their loved ones get a finger or two riped off. I'm just saying.

With Tears of Two Races in inventory[]

This is a dangerous line of questioning. You should forget that you ever heard of that object. It would be better for you in the long run.

With The Shining Trapezohedron in inventory[]

Once, the Giant-kings were the favored of Set, the Old Serpent. Though they would never admit it when I dwelt among them, they had the Serpent Ring of Set, stolen from my peo... the serpent people who went extinct thousands of years ago. One of the Triumvirate would know more.

After visiting The Well of Skelos (needs verification)[]

Note: I am not sure what triggers this dialogue line. Judging by the story, it should be triggered during the visit of The Well of Skelos. For me, this dialogue line appeared in the desert long after the visit of The Well of Skelos and after some other dialogue lines as well, with the only new notable item in the inventory being the Essence of the Serpent Ring. In other words, this needs verification.

(Haha...) And so, it comes to this. (Oh,) I have enjoyed our travels, but if you remember the terms of our agreement, I was only to serve until I found my true master.

Behold, the last remnant of the serpent men. I was a gift to the Giant-Kings, to advise and to teach. To betray.

I whispered to the Priestking, and he cursed his only child and turned the war against his people. I whispered to the Warmaker, and he unleashed the sandstorm that turned their fertile lands to arid desert. I whispered to the Archivist, and he activated the curse wall, trapping the humans forever.

And I whispered to you. And you brought me home.

The serpent people are almost gone. But their hatred for your kind burns strong. Though his name be forgotten, all your cursed race must pay for the crimes of King Kull of Atlantis.

You will be cleansed!

Afterward, the dialogue of the staff does not change, even if the keystone is made.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Altar of the Bat
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon staff of the triumvirate noglow.png Staff of the Triumvirate
1 Icon demon blood.png Albino Bat Demon Blood
1 Icon staff of the triumvirate.png Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate 30 s 12