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Each time your character levels up, you will receive additional attribute points (AP). You may allocate these points across any attributes you choose to customize your character. There are significant bonuses to be earned as you reach various levels of any given attribute. In game, you may hover over any attribute to read more about these bonuses and the perks table below details those.


The maximum AP is earned at level 60 at the rate of 1 AP per level. At that point, you will have a total of 60 AP and you will not earn any more thereafter. This is an intentional design feature of the game. You cannot maximize all attributes and instead you will need to find a balance of attributes that serves your play style. It will cost you 20 AP just to max out one attribute, meaning you can completely max out three attributes.

You may reset your attribute points at any time by consuming a Icon yellow lotus potion variant 1 Potion of Bestial Memory.

At attribute level 10 and 20, you get to choose from two perks.

List of Attributes[]


  • Strength "determines the damage that you do with strength based weapons and slightly increases how much you can carry."
    • +5% damage with strength-based weapons per point.
      • Ex: Strength of 10 provides an additional 50% damage to melee attacks.
      • Damage is rounded to the nearest whole number.
      • Does not affect concussive damage.
    • +0.5% damage with agility-based weapons per point.
    • +3 carry weight per point
  • Agility "determines the damage that you do with agility based weapons, helps you act after a dodge and slightly increases the size of your stamina pool."
    • +5% damage with agility-based weapons per point.
    • Faster time to act (strike, shoot, etc.) after a dodge.
    • +0.5% damage with strength-based weapons per point.
    • +1 stamina per point.
  • Vitality "determines the size of your health pool." Regeneration is used to refill your supply of health.
    • +10% of base health (+20 health at 200 base health) per point.
      • Ex: Vitality of 10 provides 200 health points to your character's base of 200 health.
  • Authority "determines the amount of damage your followers deal and the amount of concussive damage you deal."
    • +4% follower damage per point (lethal damage only).
    • +6% concussive damage per point.
  • Grit "determines the size of your stamina pool and has a direct effect on armor".
    • +3 stamina per point.
    • +8 armor per point
      • Ex: Grit of 10 provides 30 stamina points to your character's base of 100 stamina.
  • Expertise "determines the maximum weight you can carry." (Carrying more than your max makes the player over encumbered.)
    • +15 max carry weight per point.
      • Ex: Expertise of 10 provides 150 points to your character's base of 70 max carry weight.

Corrupted Attributes[]

Players draw power from Corruption and corrupt their attributes. Corrupting an attribute requires players to have at least Heavy corruption (40% corruption or more) as well as Soul Essence, 1 Essence per point. Corrupting a perk will result in the character getting new Corrupted perks that will replace the old perk. Corrupted perks tend to be much more powerful. However, corrupting an attribute also results in 2.5% of permanent Corruption (this corruption only only be cleansed by resetting attributes). Meaning fully corrupting a single attribute, will result in player suffering 50% permanent corruption. However, since permanent Corruption is capped at 50%, a character can corrupt all attributes with the same maximum penalty.

Currently only Strength, Vitality and Authority can be corrupted.


Followers do not get Authority or Expertise. The bonuses provided per point by their other attributes vary depending on the follower, e.g. 1 point of vitality will give a different amount of health. The effects of the followers' current attributes can be seen on their status screens.

  • Strength: increases damage caused by strength-based weapons. All pets use strength-based weapons (including rhino mount horn attacks*), even those with ranged attacks.
  • Agility: increases damage caused by agility-based weapons, which only thralls (not pets) can be equipped with. On mounts, this also affects the aiming reticle for mounted archery.
  • Vitality: increases health.
  • Grit: increases natural armor rating. This is far more useful on pets than thralls, as pets cannot be equipped with armor.

* Trampling is also supposed to be a strength-based attack, however, the mount checks for its mount's strength, and since mounts do not have mounts, it always returns a 0.

Mounts do not benefit from any bonuses provided by the player, such as their Authority or +follower damage gear.

Truncheons are not strength- or agility-based weapons and will gain no bonus from those attributes, however, thralls' melee/ranged damage multipliers do affect concussive damage.


While perks are granted through specific attributes, the perks themselves function the same regardless whether the weapon being used is Strength or Agility.

Perks T PerkIcon 01 5+ T PerkIcon 02 10+ T PerkIcon 03 15+ T PerkIcon 04 20+
T BuffIconStrength T1
Heavy Blows
Heavy and special attacks deal 10% more damage.

Any status effects caused by a heavy attack, such as Bleeding, Poison, or even Noxious Gas from a charged Noxious Gas Arrow, will also benefit from the damage increase.

Combo Master
Combo finishers deal 20% more damage.
While below 50% health, you deal 25% more damage and gain 100 armor

Any damage caused by the player counts, including sources such as Bleeding, Poison, or Noxious Gas.

Blood-mad Berseker
While below 25% health, you cannot be staggered or knocked down, your damage is increased by an additional 10%, and your armor is increased by an additional 50.

Any damage caused by the player counts, including sources such as Bleeding, Poison, or Noxious Gas.
The damage bonus requires the Berserker perk. If Berserker is lost by corrupting Strength, this perk will only provide the stagger resistance and extra armor, but no damage.

Second Skin
Equipped armor weighs 25% less.
Crushing Swings
Your heavy attacks stagger for 25% longer and no longer rebound off shields.
T BuffIconStrength T1
Deal additional damage that scales with your corrupted Strength.

+1% per point of corrupted strength.

Mule Kick
Your kick knocks back enemies farther and knocks them down.
The blows from your strikes numb your opponents, reducing their damage potential

Reduces enemy damage by 25% for 4 seconds.

Chance when dealing damage to cause a blast of corruption to vent from the earth, knocking down and damaging enemies.

5% chance.
Inflicts 50 damage.
Damage is added to normal damage, so it can be affected by damage buffs.
Has 1.5 second cooldown.

T BuffIconAgility T1
Deal 15% increased damage when attacking from behind.

Behind is 180° wide.
Any damage caused by the player counts as long as the player is currently behind the enemy, including sources such as Bleeding, Poison, or Noxious Gas.

Dead Shot
Arrows and thrown weapons travel twice as quickly and deal 15% more damage to distant targets.

"Distant" is about the length of six foundations.

Jogging, sprinting, jumping, swimming, and climbing cost less stamina and are faster.

Running speed +10%
Sprinting speed +10%
Sprinting stamina -20%
Jumping stamina -67%
Slow-swimming speed +200%
Fast-swimming speed +20%
Swimming stamina -20%
Climbing speed +20%
Climbing stamina -10%

Extended Leap
Jump while in the air to do a second jump.
Precision Strike
10% additional armor penetration while carrying a medium or lighter load.

Medium load = <75%.
Bonus penetration is additive, not multiplicative; e.g. 30%+10%=40%

Rolling Thrust
After dodging, your next damaging attack has 25% increased penetration and your next swing costs no stamina.
T BuffIconVitality T1
Fierce Vitality
You gain passive health regeneration of +0.5.
Receive a one time healing effect when your health drops below 50%. Can be received again after being fully healed.
Increases maximum health by 100.
Last Stand
When your health drops below 50%, you remove all negative effects and gain 95% damage mitigation for a short time.
Fast Healer
You receive 50% increased healing from healing effects.

Causes healing buffs from sources such as food, potions, bandages, to heal 50% more.
Passive regeneration effects or healing received from perks are not affected.

Glutton for Punishment
When you take damage, you regenerate the last instance of damage taken over 15 seconds.

20% of damage is healed every three seconds.

T BuffIconVitality T1
Grotesque Excrescence
You gain passive health regeneration that scales with your corrupted Vitality.

+0.2 health regeneration per point of corrupted vitality.

Twisted Flesh
You have a chance to deflect damage. The chance scales with your corrupted Vitality.

+0.5% chance per point of corrupted vitality.

You are immune to bleed, poison, disease, and sunder effects.

Poison effects include Alcohol Poisoning, Food Poisoning, and Noxious Gas.

Tainted Vessel
When you take damage you expel corruption, dealing damage in an area around you or corrupting enemies around you if they can receive corruption

Inflicts 30 damage.
Damage is added to normal damage, so it can be affected by damage buffs.
Has 1.5 second cooldown.

T BuffIconAuthority T1
Active followers will goad enemies, attempting to force them to attack your follower.

Triples followers' threat generation from attacks.
Whenever a follower deals damage to an enemy that is currently targeting the player, it provokes them, causing the enemy's hate score for the follower to be matched to that of the player's current score, with a temporary boost added to it. This effect has a 3 second cooldown.
Since it is activated by attacks, mounts that never attack cannot Irritate.
Irritate can be toggled in followers' command wheel.

Commanding Presence
Your active followers are inspired by your battle prowess and have their health restored when you deal damage in combat.

Causes followers to heal equal to 5% of raw damage inflicted by the player before any perks, damage reduction, or debuffs are taken into account.

Attentive Care
Your active followers receive 50% increased healing.

Causes healing buffs from sources such as food, potions, bandages, to heal 50% more.
Passive regeneration effects or healing received from perks are not affected.

Your active followers have increased attributes.

Gives active followers +20 to all attributes.

Healthy Diet
Your active followers gain passive health regeneration when not engaged in combat.

+10 health regeneration after 10 seconds of not taking damage.

War Party
Maximum followers increased by 1, however your statistics no longer influence your follower's damage output.

Increases maximum normal active combat followers to 2 or zombie followers to 4.
Maximum mounts is unchanged.
Follower damage bonus received from Authority, +follower damage armor bonuses, and +follower damage buffs from the player are negated.
Followers still receive bonus damage from their own armor or buffs.

T BuffIconAuthority T1
When you deal damage in combat your followers enter a Frenzied state. Frenzied followers deal 3% increased damage for each corrupted Authority attribute.

Frenzy lasts for 10 seconds after the player inflicts damage.
Frenzy is a direct buff on the followers and so is not negated by War Party.

Flesh Bond
Damage taken by you is split between you and your followers.

Causes 33% of actual damage inflicted against the player, after all damage reduction effects, to be transferred to every follower.
The full damage amount is inflicted to all followers. It is not divided among them and is not affected by their own damage reduction.

Damage dealt by your followers heals you.

Causes the player to heal equal to 2% of raw damage inflicted by followers before any perks, damage reduction, or debuffs are taken into account.

When dealing damage, there is a chance for an uncontrolled demonic entity to appear to attack your foes temporarily.

Odds to summon a demonic entity is 7%.
80% chance to summon a common demon, 20% chance to summon an elite demon.
They last 22.5 seconds.
It is possible to have multiple demons summoned at once.

T BuffIconGrit T1
Increase your armor by 40 and stamina by 20.
Your stamina regenerates 25% faster.
Defensive Posture
Incoming damage is reduced by 15% while you are attacking or blocking.
Shield Master
You can block unblockable attacks at a higher stamina cost and you react twice as quickly after successfully blocking.
Increase your armor by 1/5 of your current stamina.
Steel Thewed
You cannot take more than 33% of your maximum health in damage per hit.
T BuffIconExpertise T1
Tools lose durability half as quickly and hunger and thirst deplete 33% slower.

Hunger/thirst actually deplete 50% slower, not 33%.

Efficient Harvest
Final hit when harvesting grants twice as many resources.
Hard Worker
You harvest resource nodes twice as fast.
Beast of Burden
When over-encumbered, you can dodge and move at full speed.
Careful Harvest
You are twice as likely to gather rare resources when harvesting.
Structural Integrity
Structures you build are 25% more stable.


  • The original attributes, prior to the Age of Sorcery 3.0 update, were Strength, Agility, Vitality, Accuracy, Grit, Encumbrance, Survival, which spelled "SAVAGES". This was an idea of Joel Bylos, according to a Steam user.[1]
  • During the development of 3.0, the attributes of Authority and Expertise were preliminary called Charisma and Craftsmanship, but these were renamed before launch so that they could still spell "SAVAGE".