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{{NPC infobox
| id = Sobek_Boss
| image = Aridissobek.jpg
| hp =
| temperament = Aggressive
| location = [[Xalthar's Refuge]]
| locX =
| locY =
| locZ =
| emote1 =
| religion1 =
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Mini Boss|mini boss]] in ''[[{{Gamename}}]]''.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Fighter]] mini-[[boss]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a 1-skull [[Fighter]] and cult leader who wears a unique legendary white reptilian armor set and uses a one-handed [[Obsidian Sword|obsidian sword]]. A [[Note (Sobek)|note]] found near him tells the story of how he found worth and purpose through the worship of Sobek and gathered followers to his side.
* [[Helm of Sobek]]
* [[Chestguard of Sobek]]
* [[Tasset of Sobek]]
* [[Gauntlets of Sobek]]
* [[Boots of Sobek]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' can be found at the following locations:
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' can be found at the following locations:
* [[Xalthar's Refuge]] - <code>TeleportPlayer 113900 64599 -14234</code>
* [[Xalthar's Refuge]] - <code>TeleportPlayer 113900 64599 -14234</code> <sup>1</sup>
<sup>1</sup> datamined. needs verification.
ID: Sobek_Boss
* Aridis can drop pieces of his armor upon death, but getting the full set may take several attempts. This is the only way to get this armor set as it cannot be found elsewhere.
[[Category:Mini Bosses]]
[[Category:Votaries of Skelos]]

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