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Architects of Argos Pack DLC key art

The Architects of Argos Pack is an Argossean-themed DLC, which released May 7, 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Build stunning cities and gleaming temples of shining white marble with the Architects of Argos Pack. Adorn your base with elegant statues and refreshing fountains to make it look more impressive than ever!

The Argossean building set offers a host of attractive pieces. It includes vaulted ceilings, a new and unique way to build tall pillars (with bottom, middle and top pieces) and special attention has been paid to the insides of buildings.

You will also get your hands on three stylish new horse armors, three fresh armor sets and nine new weapons, such as the Argossean Great Axe.

~ Steam


Argossean Mason[]

Argossean Warhorse Saddle[]

Argossean Armors[]


Icon argossean artisantable.png Argossean Artisan Table[]


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