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Maya and CDK

These are results of testing in Maya and CDK:

  1. CDK Exports the skeletons, and or animations with skeletons attached to FBX with no problem and Maya can easily pick these up.
  2. The skeleton is very easy to rig in Maya as a human.
    1. Viewport: Shading > X-Ray Joints
    2. Rightmenu: Human IK
    3. Human IK Box: Create Character Definition
    4. Double Click bone in Character box, click matching bone in viewport (takes 3-4 min)
    5. Rotate upper arms to T-pose (to make maya happy)
    6. Lock (Optionally Save Rigging Template)
    7. Set Character Source as Control Rigging
    8. Save the scene for later just
  3. Now the skeleton is easy to move in Maya you click the control rig orbs and manipulate them, set IK pins, etc. Everything deforms well no problem
  4. Create a simple 2-key frame animation of bending knees in place
  5. Human IK Icon Menu: Bake > Bake to Skeleton
  6. Select the Root node in the viewport or Rig Tool
  7. File > Export Selection or Game Export ( I use FBX 2014/2015)
  8. Import Animation into CDK select SK_Human_Skeleton
  9. Animation Looks great in CDK
  10. Create Animation Montage - Looks Great
  11. Attempt to test animation in game - by substituting Montage for Greet Montage in EmoteTable - Nothing happens
  12. Test with a bunch of other CDK built-in animations - (Float in Water for example also wont play), but most do
  13. Stumped

Mocap imports

Also working great is mocap imports- (There are massive free mocap fbx libraries available online)

  1. From Human IK Tab choose "Get HIK and Mocap Examples Online"
  2. Open a Mocap example (pick one with a character (like definition or rig one that has no character)
  3. Import your saved Conan rigged character
  4. In the Human IK Window set Conan Character Source to Mocap Character
  5. Human IK Icon Menu: Bake > Bake to Skeleton
  6. Export and Load in CDK - Looks Great in Unreal Tool - Won't play in game
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