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See also: Server Configuration.
When playing alone locally or on a server you are the administrator of you have access to a range of in-game tools. Change your progression speed, spawn monsters, turn yourself invisible, deactivate avatars, and much more. Be the dungeon master of your own server.
~ Steam[1]

The Admin Panel is a technical game mechanic in Conan Exiles.
It provides access to many of the game's items, creatures, thralls and enemies. It is also possible to alter character stats.

Admin Panel PS4

The Admin Panel as seen on PS4.


Not required for single-player:

  1. In the Menu (use ESC), go to Settings > Server Settings.
  2. Select Make Me Admin (Make Admin).
    Admin Rights Granted should be shown in the top right.
  3. Close the Settings or use ESC again.

Select Admin Panel in the Menu or use the Controls at the bottom of this page.

Admin Commands[]

See also: Server Settings, Chat commands, List of admin commands. (other console commands)
Console Commands[3][4][5][6][7][8]
Action Command Notes
Make Admin[9] MakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword] Enters Admin mode.
  • Triggers Admin Rights Granted (top right).
Make Normal MakeMeNormal Exits Admin mode. Alternatively, log off and log back on.
Learn Emote LearnEmote [emote] Type /emote [emote] in chat or hold R to bring up the Emote menu.
Admin mode required.
Toggle God God Grants God mode. Admin mode required.
Player Can Build Everywhere PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName] Allows building where building is disabled for the specified player. Admin mode required.[10]
Player data ToggleDebugHUD Displays current location lower left and other data, including ping, upper right.
Admin mode not required.
Level Follower LevelFollowerUpTo [Value] Levels follower to level [Value] (20 max). Admin mode required.
Follower Attributes SetFollowerStat [stat] [value] Set the follower attribute to the chosen value. Admin mode required.

Stats name are:

  • AttributeHealth
  • AttributeStamina
  • AttributeMight
  • AttributeAthleticism
  • AttributeAccuracy
  • AttributeEncumbrance
  • AttributeMetabolism
  • DamageModifierMelee
  • DamageModifierRanged
Player Attributes SetStat [stat] [value] Set the player attribute to the chosen value. Admin mode required.

Stat names are:

  • AttributeHealth (Vitality)
  • AttributeStamina (Grit)
  • AttributeMight (Strength)
  • AttributeAthleticism (Agility)
  • AttributeLeadership (Authority)
  • AttributeEncumbrance (Expertise)
Teleport Teleport Teleports yourself
  • to a surface, or when targeting the air
    • Vertically: Higher up in the sky (Currently, targeting the sky teleports you to 0,0,0.)
    • Horizontally: within ~1 Map chunk from the Cursewall.[3]
  • to a targeted player: ViewPlayer + Teleport + ViewSelf.
Teleport Player TeleportPlayer X[float] Y[float] Z[float] Teleports yourself or another player to the specified coordinates.
  • Another player can be teleported by adding their [PlayerName](see notes) after TeleportPlayer and before the coordinates separated by a space each.
  • X[float], Y[float] and Z[float] are your X, Y and Z coordinates separated by a space.[3]
Teleport To Player TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports yourself to the specified player.
Summon Player SummonPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports a player to yourself.
  • May be used to fix stuck/glitched players.
Enable Fly Fly Grants Fly mode.
  • Flying/walking speed is inconsistent.[12]
  • Flying speed is increased slightly when continuously switching between Fly and Walk using Keybindings and on console by pressing PS4 Dpad Up[13] / 360 Dpad Up[citation needed] - it will reset every time you toggle fly mode.
  • Fly mode has two different poses, "Fly" and "FlyB", which are occasionally switched.[14][15] One is standing right up, the other is a 'meditative sit'.
  • Fly mode fixed on PlayStation 4 as of update 1.40
Enable Ghost Ghost Grants Ghost mode.
  • Makes you invisible to other players.
  • Grants Fly mode. (See Fly)
  • Grants Noclip - you can pass through objects.
  • Building is possible.
    • Building pieces will not snap to other building pieces.[16]
Walk Walk Exits the Fly or Ghost mode.
Toggle Sprint Cost NoSprintCost No stamina drain while sprinting. (Not unlimited stamina)
Cloak Cloak Invisible to NPCs, even when attacking them.
Toggle Invisibility Invisibility Makes your character invisible.
Toggle Perspective
View Player ViewPlayer [PlayerName] Moves camera inside target.
View Self ViewSelf Moves camera back to your own character.
Fill Player Purge Meter[4] FillPlayerPurgeMeter
Fill Player Clan Purge Meter[4][5] FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter
Empty Player Clan Purge Meter EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeter
Fill Clan Purge Meter FillClanPurgeMeter Singleplayer only.[6][7] The command is currently mispelled.[17]
Fill All Clan Purge Meters[4] FillAllClanPurgeMeters
Empty All Clan Purge Meters EmptyAllClanPurgeMeters
Start Purge StartPlayerPurge Sets Purge to start/Starts Purge[8] when the Purge meter is full.[4]
End Purge EndPurge Ends purge.[8]
Start Next Purge StartNextPurgePhase Forces a new Purge.[4][6][5]
Start Next Wave[8] StartNextWave Starts a next wave of the same purge.
Toggle Player List ShowPlayers Lists connected players, Steam names and IDs.
Damage Target DamageTarget [Value] Deals damage to the object or NPC in your crosshairs.
  • Will not hurt creatures. They are pulled towards you instead.[3]
  • If [Value] is eg. 9999 it will instantly destroy a single targeted building piece.
    It is recommended to use Destroy/Kill (Controls section) instead.
Destroy Target DestroyTarget Use with caution
  • Removes (almost) entire player built structures.
  • Temporarily destroys all objects of the same kind, eg. trees.[3]
    • Includes targeted parts of the map. Players will fall into and die in the void here.
    • Singleplayer requires a relog and servers require a restart to undo this.
It is recommended to use Destroy/Kill (Controls section) instead.
Spawn Item SpawnItem [ItemID] [Quantity] Spawns the specified item in the specified quantity.
Print Player Info PrintPlayerInfo Gives you the specific players Steam name and in-game character name
  • You can enter a players character name to get their Steam name or you can enter the Steam name to get their character.
  • You will need to double ~ Tilde key to view the output.
Broadcast Message BroadcastMessage [Message] Sends a message to all online players via a pop-up box which needs to be clicked on to close (can annoy players as it interrupts gameplay, especially when in combat).
Get Server Health GetServerHealth Lists server statistics in the console (Press ~ a second time to view the output):
  • FPS.
  • Player count.
  • Number of spawned actors.
  • Number of player bases (incl. detached foundations).
  • Total number of building parts (foundations, walls, floors, roofs, etc. - possibly includes all placeables like chests, crafting stations, etc?).
  • LOD count.
Get All Server Settings GetAllServerSettings Displays a list of all available server settings you can modify. (Press ~ a second time to view the output)
Set Server Setting SetServerSetting serverSetting[FString] Value[FString] Allows you to modify the Server Settings from ServerSettings.ini while in-game.
  • Quotations are required.
  • Includes server settings not changeable in Server Settings tab, eg. "MessageOfTheDay" (Message Of The Day, aka MOTD).
    • MOTD will only appear when the body from the player dissappears (due to inactivity)[18]
  • For admins using Rcon, Server Settings can be set via this as well.
Set Energy Player SetEnergy [type] [Value] Allows you to modify the Character energy values.
  • type 0 = Corruption value.
  • type 1 = Heat value.
Shadow Quality r.ShadowQuality [Value] Determines shadow transparency. [Value] examples:[3]
Dynamic Cloth Physics p.clothphysics [Value] Determines dynamic cloth movement speed. [Value] examples:[3]
  • 0: Disables dynamic cloth movement and toggles FPS display in the top right of the screen.
  • 1: Default[citation needed] - cloth sways more in the wind and when moving.
Flush Log[3] FlushLog Clears the Server Event log. The log can be viewed by pressing ESC then selecting Event Log. NOTE: You may need Admin access to view the Event Log. As of May, 2020, this command does not work.
Identify Building BuildingIdentify Returns building information; requires admin mode.
  • Buildable ID: xxxx, Owner ID: yy, Owner Name: zzzz, Pos: (coordinates), Actor: (devkit path).
  • Buildable ID: xxxx can be used to determine if structures are connected for decay purposes; if disconnected, xxxx will change.
Destroy Building BuildingDestroy xxxx Destroy Buildable ID xxxx; requires admin mode.
  • Destroys entire building with the ID xxxx as determined above. Caution: a typo may destroy an unintended building.


See also: Controls.
Action Default Notes
Open Admin Panel Ctrl + Shift + C or
Shift + Insert
Brings up the Admin Panel GUI.
Open Command Interface Insert or ~ ~ Tilde: Shift + `.
Access the command line interface console while playing the game.
Open Full Console Double ~ Opens the full console. Shows what mode you are in.
Get Precise Coordinates RightControl + RightShift +
RightAlt + L
Opens window and enables copying for use elsewhere.
Repeat sequence to close window.
Admin Teleport Main article
Kill/Destroy Shift + Delete
  • Removes a single building part.
  • Kills a single NPC in front of you.
  • Does not delete world chunks.
    • Same goes for campfires, forges etc.[19]
Kill/Destroy (Large) Ctrl + Shift + Delete Works similar to Kill/Destroy.
  • It has a larger radius.
    • Removes multiple building parts.
    • Kills multiple NPCs.
  • Also kills pets.
  • Deletes world chunks.
Infinite Building Items NoBuildingCosts


Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F10

  • Infinite building items in your inventory when building.
  • You must have at least one in quantity per related item in your inventory.
Sandstorm Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X Starts a sandstorm. It will take up to a few minutes to reach you.[20]


Main article: Controls#Keybindings

User Interface[]

These buttons appear when opening the admin panel:

  • Change Player Stats (Encumber, Health Min, Health Max, +1 Knowledge, +Level)
  • Set Level
  • Print XP
  • Show Stats
  • Walk
  • Fly
  • Cloak
  • God
  • Invisibility
  • NoSprintCost
  • DemiGod
  • Ghost
  • Toggle Eating
  • Toggle Hungry
  • Toggle Thirsty
  • Change Food Meter
  • Change Water Meter
  • Change Time of Day
  • Set Day Length
  • Set Time of Day
  • Set Fog Severity
  • Set Target Weather Severity
  • Freeze Time
  • Freeze Sky
  • Set Wind Severity
  • Set Wind Trajectory
  • Spawn Item (Resource, Gear, Building, Other)
  • Spawn Humanoid
  • Spawn Creatures
  • Player List