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Accursed are one of the factions native to the Isle of Siptah.


The Accursed are people who have made deals with the strange creatures brought to the Isle of Siptah through rifts. The Accursed have their minds twisted and are no longer quite the same as they once were. The Accursed have taken up residence in the center of the island, where the Maelstrom rages the strongest.


The Accursed wear Cimmerian armor (Cimmerian Steel, Cimmerian Fur) and use Star Metal weapons. This, combined with their innate stats, makes them Siptah's equivalent to the Forgotten Tribe.



Named Accursed thralls seem to be the same as the Forgotten Tribe, with "the Accursed" added to the end of their name.

List of Thralls[]


Accursed thralls have the hardest training difficulty.

They specialize in Strength and Vitality. Their base stats are as follows:

Tier Strength Agility Vitality Accuracy Survival
1 2 0 3 0 0
2 3 0 7 0 0
3 7 0 15 0 0
4 15 0 30 0 0