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Abyssal Mount
Abyssal Mount
Mount Yes
Inventory Slots 0
Starting Stats
Health 3610
Starting Attributes
Strength 0
Agility 0
Vitality 0
Grit 0
Base Stats
Base Attribute Bonuses
Strength Damage Bonus 0%
Agility Damage Bonus 0%
Vitality Health Bonus 0
Grit Armor Bonus 0
Perk Type Thrall


  • The demonic entities summoned through the Abyssal Call or Abyssal Mount rituals will last for 10 minutes (600 seconds). Remaining time can be replenished by killing enemies at a rate of +1 second for every ~2.67 health they had up to the 10-minute timer cap.
  • The entities will also gain a level after every kill that had at least 75 health.